EmpireWand v2.3

Adds the 'empire wand' to your server, as seen on kingdom servers!

  1. Cinque
    Empire Wand
    Bukkit link: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/empire-wand

    This plugin adds a new item to your server, called the 'Empire Wand'.

    * Custom crafting recipe (can be disabled)
    * Right-click to select different spells
    * Left-click to use a spell

    Video showing off all the spells:
    (outdated, new spells have been added and some spells have been changed)

    Crafting recipe
    If you want to craft an empire wand, this is the crafting recipe:

    Currently there is only one command, /ew, which will give you an empire wand (if you have permission).

    * empirewand.command Allows you to use the /ew command.
    * empirewand.craft Allows you to craft an empire wand.
    * empirewand.bypasscooldown Users with this permission don't need to wait between using spells (if a cooldown is set in the config).
    * empirewand.use Users with this permission can use the empire wand.

    Note: if op-only is set to true in the config, these permissions will be ignored and ops will be able to use the command and craft the empire wand.

    * op-only Set this to true if you only want ops to use the /ew command and craft wands.
    * disable-crafting Set this to true to disable the crafting recipe.
    * cooldown The time you have to wait before you can use the wand again after using a spell in seconds.
    * update-check Disable this if you don't want to receive update notifications.

    The config file also contains a description of both options.

    * http://bukkit.org/members/sothatsit.72296 for his EnchantGlow class.
    * http://bukkit.org/members/chasechocolate.90645296 for his circle method.
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    Version: v2.3
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