EnchantControl Reforged v1.2.5

The Enchantment Management plugin !

  1. Dzious
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, French
    EnchantControl Reforged - by Dzious

    This Plugin is the official v2 of EnchantControl from Arkobat

    To see all supported version, go and check out on Github


    Installation :
    - Download the jar file from our Latest Release or the version corresponding to your Minecraft Version
    - Safely shutdown your server
    - Put the jar file in your server plugins folder
    - Start the server
    - The plugin is now install on your server

    Installation :
    - Simply edit the config.yml found in plugins/EnchantControl in your server files

    For bug reports and feature requests please go on our github's Issue Tracker.

    If you still need help or just have a question, join us on the Discord server, where you can have support from both developer and community and also discuss about the development of the plugin.

    If you enjoy the plugin, please consider donating. This helps me to get more free time to work on it.

Recent Updates

  1. Enchant Control Reforged v1.2.5 (bug fix)

Recent Reviews

  1. Arturbrynow
    Version: v1.2.4
    I really love this plugin, it's really useful, but can you update it to 1.17? I thought that maybe the 1.16 version will work but it's not.
  2. StalkerArea51
    Version: v1.2.4
    i want to make the enchant max to 30 which in config do i need to edit?? im lost with the config
  3. Creepther
    Version: v1.2.4
    Super plugin, c'est bien le seul en 1.16 qui est fonctionnelle !! Et le support j'en parle même pas, il est au top ! franchement 5 étoiles c'est même pas assez ^^
  4. SkipTurn
    Version: v1.2.4
    Is there a way to disable mending for specific items (and if it was compatible with custom items, 5 stars!)
    1. Dzious
      Author's Response
      Hi mate ! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to disable mending for specifics items. I suggest you to make a new issue on github for me not to forget.
      I've already planned to make it compatible with custom items but i've faced some issues moments ago, this will be added on future update
      Overall Thanks for the review appreciate it ;)
  5. NayZion
    Version: v1.2.0
    I love this, but I would like that if a user has, for example, mending, and he disables it in the configuration, it will be removed. From then on it's perfect <3
    1. Dzious
      Author's Response
      Hi mate, Thanks for the review.
      This is possible if you enable "update_inventory". I do not activate it by default because it may cause on some servers some lags.
      Unfortunately, this seems to cause major bugs at the time being with shulker box. I'm currently working on it. I highly suggest you to join my discord server to have latest informations