EnchantGui 1.8 ~ 1.15.2 Editable MaxLevel/Prices 3.1.0

Freely choose the enchantment for your items

  1. Fixed some small bugs [Important! Must read]

    Note: if the plugin generates emtpy EnchantmentSelector.yml, please redownload the plugin. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version just now.

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed "FillItem" cant be disabled
    - Fixed item display as AIR if the item is above 1.13 version

    Important: To the users who are using this plugin for 1.13+ servers, you have to set the ItemSelector.yml and EnchantmentSelector.yml again. "data" section will be ignored if you are using the plugin for 1.13+ server and and all the materials' names follow 1.13+ naming.
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