EnchantGui 1.8 ~ 1.15.2 Editable MaxLevel/Prices 3.0.5

Freely choose the enchantment for your items

  1. Fixed another duplication

    EnchantGui v3.0.5

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed another item duplication bug
  2. Fixed some bugs

    EnchantGui v3.0.4

    Bug Fixed:

    - Fixed unable to change GUI's size
    - Fixed visual glitch for 1.8.x server

    - Added alias commands

    Note: you have to add this into config.yml
    Code (YAML):
    # A server restart is required if enable/disable this
    : false
       - upgrade
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  3. Bug Fixed

    EnchantGui v3.0.3

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed check-update
    - Fixed SworldBlockingEvent not working properly

  4. Bug Fixed

    Fixed some weird bugs and duplication
  5. Bug Fixed 3.0.1

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed unable to change gui's name
  6. EnchantGui v3.0.0 Big Update

    What Thing being added into EnchantGui v3.0.0?
    - Lapis Currency
    - Multiple (explained at here)
    - Able to import other plugin's enchantments
    [Note: the custom enchantments plugin must register their enchantments into the server to be able to get imported into my plugin
    - Added blacklisted-item and blacklisted-enchantment. (In enchantment's config)

    Will the old enchantment config work on...
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  7. Fixed Sweeping Edge doesn't work

    Bug Fixed:
    - Sweeping Edge enchantment doesn't work
    Note: if plugin doesn't work on 1.8 server, please use 2.3.6 instead of 2.3.10.
  8. EnchantGui 2.3.9

    This version may fix the wrong file generation
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  9. EnchantGui 2.3.8

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed gui doesn't open when click on enchanting table
    - Removed a debug message
  10. Fixed some small bugs [Important! Must read]

    Note: if the plugin generates emtpy EnchantmentSelector.yml, please redownload the plugin. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version just now.

    Bug Fixed:
    - Fixed "FillItem" cant be disabled
    - Fixed item display as AIR if the item is above 1.13 version

    Important: To the users who are using this plugin for 1.13+ servers, you have to set the ItemSelector.yml and EnchantmentSelector.yml again. "data" section will be ignored if you are using the plugin for 1.13+ server and and all...