EnchantLimiter EnchantLimit 2.2

This plugin allows you to set the maximum levels for enchantments

  1. Many bug fixes, added support to new enchantments

    Hey guys!

    Sorry its been so long since I've updated this plugin, I've been really busy and so I haven't had as much time to commit to bug fixes and new features... But finally an update is here! :D

    During this update most of the plugin was rewritten, as this had been one of the first plugins I made, meaning it's code was pretty dang messy.

    This update contains mostly bug fixes, with the main one being the level increase system. The chances for increase now work as they should, provided the player has been given the proper permissions. - I've also added separate messages for when a players levels are actually increased.

    Support for the two newest enchantments has also been added.

    NOTE: if you are updating from a previous version of this plugin, make sure you look at the default config and make sure you copy all the new settings across.

    Thanks for being patient!
    Hope the update is helpful :)
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