EnchantLimiter EnchantLimit 2.2

This plugin allows you to set the maximum levels for enchantments

  1. Fixed issues with limiting at enchantment tables, fixed console errors and more!


    So its been over a month since I last released an update but no, I have not forgotten you! ..I've just been really, really busy with life, oh and a few projects for the server I work for ;)

    Anyways, this update finally (hopefully) fixes a number of large bugs. For example the one that meant that enchantment tables could get 'stuck' if certain values were set in the config, or the glitch where players could bypass the limit on anvils by using enchantment books.

    I've also made it so that enchantments are now limited straight away at an anvil, instead of after a player clicks on the resulting item.

    I've also added into the config options to set various in game messages. (see the default config on the main page)

    Thanks for being so patient!
    Also a big thanks to those who have supported this project thought bug reports and suggestions and maybe even buying me a coffee? *Mmmm*


    *Note: The last 2.0 version I uploaded wasn't compiled properly, use this one instead :)
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