Enchantment Limiter 3.2.4

Restricts multiple enchants or specific levels by item

    Version: 3.2.2
    Only working Ressource for Limiting possible Vanilla-Enchantments on Items in many ways. Great for limiting economy breaking Enchantments like Luck/Bonus Blocks on higher levels on your server.
    Author is quick in bug fixing, friendly and open minded to enhancements. Definitely recommended!

    MARODEUR2 / rhodan1992 on devbukkit
  2. Silmarost
    Version: 2.7.1
    Amazing plugin blocking both enchantments and anvils, very easy to use.
    Author very active and competent, repairing very quickly the possible errors. I recommend :).
  3. MarshalSadness
    Version: 2.7
    This is a very useful plugin.
    I could not find anywhere a plugin on the prohibition of certain enchantments that would be able to work on version 1.12.
    This is the only plugin that came up to me.
    With the setup there were some problems, but thanks to the comments on the page of the plugin in dev.bukkit, the problems were solved.

    The only but insignificant minus is the lack of the ability to edit messages in the .yml files, but who needs it, the one in the .class files is edited.

    To the author HUGE Thanks!

    I apologize for possible logical errors in the text, it was translated using google translator.
    1. Filbert66
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