Enchantment Limiter 3.2.4

Restricts multiple enchants or specific levels by item

  1. Fix 'KNOCKBACK' bug

    FIXED: 'KNOCKBACK' was matching for 'ARROW_KNOCKBACK'

    Tested and removed debug messages.
  2. update to 1.16

    • Added support for NETHERITE items, including ALL_NETHERITE_ARMOR
    • Added message on /el reload when no errors.
    • Tested by rhodan1992
  3. Minor update; tested to 1.15

    Tested against 1.15.2.
    Removed some extraneous console debug messages
  4. Fixed bug in items without lore

    Fixed bug in items with no lore breaking functionality.
    • Thanks to Silmarost for reporting.
    • Please use 3.0 until 3.1.1 is approved and posted. If you need lore, PM me and I will send you the pending-approval version
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  5. Adds "Lore immutable string"

    Adds "Lore immutable string" configurable string.
    • If set to a string, this string makes the item reject any enchantment changes
    • ignores case.
    • ex:
      • Lore immutable string: unchangable
  6. EnchantLimiter for 1.13+

    Rebuilt for 1.13, 1.14
    • supports Tridents, new enchantments
    • New displays using in-game enchantment names
    • Supports config with Bukkit names or in-game names.
    • Currently tagged Beta release; needs more testing
  7. Fixed 2 bugs

    • Squash "Cannot find armor to fix" when non-shield in shield slot.
    • Fix bug with books on enchant tables (issue#8)
  8. Feature update

    • Allow renaming items with disallowed enchants
    • New "Max Enchants Allowed" config, defaults to 1, that allows you to change the # of enchants per item allowed. Only takes effect if "Limit Multiples" is true.
    Note: expect this plugin will work with Spigot/Bukkit 1.13. Does not depend on block IDs or block data values.
  9. Fixed: occasional NPE

    Fixed: NPE sometimes when giving back lapis
  10. MC 1.12 support

    • Added: Minecraft/Bukkit 1.12 compatibility. Should also work against 1.11, but haven't tested yet.
    • Fixed:
      • Right-click dupe bug in anvil & villager. Thanks to @chonsoe for reporting.