Enchantment Limiter 3.2.4

Restricts multiple enchants or specific levels by item

  1. Enchant table dupe bug fix

    • Fixed: dupe bug in enchantment table. Think only appeared on busy servers, so hard for me to know it's fixed.
  2. new armor shortcuts

    • Added: new config shortcuts ALL_ARMOR_[IRON,GOLD,DIAMOND,LEATHER,CHAIN]
  3. Added config to disable "restored XP" message

    • Added: new config Message on restore XP that if false disables message to user when downgrading enchants.
  4. villager trade support; enchanting book bug fix

    • Fixed: NPE on limited book enchant.
    • Added: villager trade support
      • some villagers trade for enchanted items or books
      • if Downgrade in anvil is true, will downgrade item and attempt to return a proportional amount of traded items.
  5. Fixed dupe bug

    2.2: Dupe bug!

    • Fixed: bug that allowed duplicating items in anvil when "dropping" illegal result [reported by Headpipe]

    • Fixed: When all enchants in enchanting table are illegal, used to get "stuck" with illegal enchants always selectable (due to new enchanting mechanism since 1.8). Now clears the enchanting selections every time.
      • caveat: there is an "enchanting" sound even when...
  6. Fixed NPE with 1.8 on inventory click

    • Fixed: when using 1.8, NPE on inventory open with "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: SHIELD"