Enchantment Solution 1.4.3

Custom Enchanting Reimagined!

  1. crashtheparty
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    Custom Enchanting Reimagined!

    Most popular custom enchantments plugins use a separate system for giving items custom enchantments than those in vanilla. While this has worked, it's time for adding custom enchantments to be as easy as adding a vanilla enchantment.


    Enchantment Solution

    Enchantment solution has added custom (inventory) GUIs to make the process of adding enchantments as easy as vanilla, including enhancements that make the process of finding the best enchantment that much easier.

    Tutorials: Coming Soon!

    In the meantime, enjoy these informative gifs!


    Major Features:

    19 Custom Enchantments!
    Liven up your Minecraft worlds with 19 extra enchantments! From getting more experience from kills and blocks with Exp. Share, increasing your bow's range with Sniper, or flying like creative mode with Frequent Flyer, the enchantment selection in this plugin is diverse with common and unique enchantments.

    List of Enchantments:
    Angler (Fishing Rod Enchantment): Catch an additional fish per level.
    Beheading (Sword Enchantment): Adds a chance to drop mob heads on death.
    Brine (Sword Enchantment): Doubles damage if opponent is at half health or less.
    Drowned (Trident Enchantment): Drowns non-water mobs for a short time.
    Exp. Share (Tools/Weapons Enchantment): Increased experience drop from killing mobs and breaking blocks.
    Frequent Flyer (Elytra Enchantment): Gives player creative flight at cost of durability.
    Fried (Fishing Rod Enchantment): All caught fish are automatically cooked.
    Knock Up (Swords Enchantment): Knocks opponent into the air on hit. (Conflicts with Knockback).
    Life (Chestplate Enchantment): Increases maximum health when worn.
    Magma Walker (Boots Enchantment): Turns lava into magma for a short time when walking near it. (Conflicts with Frost Walker and Depth Strider).
    Sacrifice (Chestplate Enchantment): Damages mob that killed you based on your experience level.
    Shock Aspect (Axes Enchantment): Chance to strike attacked mobs with lightning.
    Smeltery (Tools Enchantment): Smelt broken items. (Conflicts with Silk Touch).
    Sniper (Trident/Bow Enchantment): Increased projectile speed.
    Soulbound (Everything Enchantment): Keep item on death.
    Soul Reaper (Hoe Enchantment): Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items.
    Tank (Armor Enchantment): Increased durability.
    Telepathy (Tools Enchantment): All mined blocks go straight into your inventory.
    Warp (Leggings Enchantment): Gives chance to teleport you away from damage.

    Custom Enchantment Table Support!
    All enchantments in the plugin show up in the new GUI. Compare the enchantments of four different items at a time, and select the best enchantment for your purposes.

    With the base set up of enchantment modification, server owners can edit if and how enchantments appear. Don't want one of the custom enchantments? Disable it! Want Magma Walker to show up in the enchantment table? Set its treasure to false!

    Like the idea of Efficiency and Sharpness VI in vanilla? The default options of this plugin set the max enchantable level to 50, adding three additional tiers to the enchantment table--if you have enough bookshelves lying around, that is. Want to only use the default limit of level 30? No problem! Want Sharpness V but Efficiency VI? Not a problem either! The advanced modification file allows you to do this and so much more. It also allows for disabling enchantments or changing the treasure status so Mending can be much easier to find!

    Enhanced Anvil GUI!
    The anvil can add and modify custom enchantments on items with the use of its enhanced GUI. The configuration files allow for flexibility with the new system. The maximum number of enchantments on items, the maximum experience that can repair an item, and the amount of experience that it takes to repair items can all be edited. Plus, renaming items always takes 1 experience level, no matter how many times the item has been in the anvil!

    Does your server have custom recipes using the anvil? Enchantment Solution also offers a way for players to use the normal anvil GUI for these crafting recipes. Just be careful with those custom enchantments!

    Custom Enchantments Appearing Everywhere!

    Enchanted gear can spawn on mobs, in the water, and in dungeons with this plugin! Enchantments earned in these ways can be treasure enchantments, so zombies may be walking around with Frost Walker boots, or skeletons may be shooting you with a Mending bow! Fishing may net you a Fortune V book! Enchanted books in dungeons may give you Exp. Share III, helping your experience grinder even more!

    All of these options may be disabled in the config or customized further to increase the probability of better loot!

    mcMMO Support!
    Some of the custom features in this plugin fully support mcMMO. Support includes enchantments like Telepathy and Smeltery granting mcMMO experience, fishing enchantments still working to produce more and cooked fish, and a modified mcMMO fishing config that'll still give custom enchantments.

    mcMMO version 2.0+ requires an additional plugin for full mcMMO support, as the code base has had major upgrades. Download that here.

    And More!!!
    Like the sound of it so far? Well server owners rejoice: all config files can be edited and reloaded in-game using custom GUI menus. Editing of strings can be done in chat or in a custom anvil, easy access to enum values, and a custom reversion system to revert your configuration files to previous versions if you somehow break something.

    Customize the language files to modify what the plugin says, increase the chance of multiple enchantments spawning on items, and limit the use of enchantments with permissions all with this plugin!

    Commands and Permissions
    /enchant (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchant): Enchants the item in hand with a given enchantment and level. Follows the rules of the enchantment table/anvil (ie no illegal enchantments).

    /enchantinfo: Gives information about the selected enchantment.

    /removeenchant (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchantremove): Removes the specified enchantment from the item in hand.

    /enchantunsafe (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchantunsafe): Enchants the item in hand with a given enchantment and level. Allows illegal enchantments to be put on the item.

    /esreload (requires enchantmentsolution.command.reload): Reloads all config files and the language file.

    /esconfig (requires enchantmentsolution.command.edit): Modifies config files using in-game GUI.

    /esreset (requires enchantmentsolution.command.reset): Force closes all custom GUI inventories.

    enchantmentsolution.command.edit: Gives access to the /esconfig command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchant: Gives access to the /enchant command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.reload: Gives access to the /esreload command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantremove: Gives access to the /removeenchant command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.reset: Gives access to the /esreset command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantunsafe: Gives access to the /enchantunsafe command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.enable-flight: Enables use of external /fly commands without interference from FrequentFlyer (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.permissions.ignore: Gives access to all enchantment permissions. (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.[enchant_name].[type].level[level]: Gives access to the [enchant_name] enchant for [type] type (either table or anvil) at level [level]. Follows the same pattern as permissions in the enchantment_advanced config.

    For example: Having the enchantmentsolution.punch.table.level2 permission will give the player access to the Punch enchantment in the enchantment table at level 2 if requiring permissions for that enchantment is set to true.

    More Information

    More information on the enchantments can be found here.

    Spoiler: Release 2.0.0 Additions

    With Minecraft 1.14 around the corner, I figured that it would be the best time to start overhauling the plugin and adding more enchantments to its limited arsenal of 19. If you would like to know what is coming to the plugin once we get Spigot 1.14, open the spoiler tag and read on! Just remember: these are probably still a month away, so don't be disappointed that they aren't coming sooner!

    Added 16 new enchantments.
    There's some for the new crossbow, some extras for the Elytra and Trident, and a whole lot of Hoes. Good Hoes, but Hoes nonetheless.
    Added API for new enchantments.
    Want to have more enchantments? Go create some! The new easy-to-use API will add your enchantments directly into the enchantment table and all of the EnchantmentSolution configs for easy modification.
    Added the Grindstone.
    Finally, a way to remove enchantments! The Grindstone will be adding functionality for removing even custom enchantments from gear. But wait, there's more! An option in the config will allow you to add Grindstone functionality into your 1.13 worlds! Just use the anvil!
    Additional customization of configs.
    Add and customize conflicting enchantments, disable enchantments on specific items (use esconfig to modify!!), and adds a whole lot of options to the language file for editing the /enchantinfo command. Oh, and better /enchantinfo command!
    And more!
    Adding sounds and particle effects to enchantment activations, adding some missing blocks that activate Smeltery or Telepathy, and rounded edges! Wait, this is Minecraft. So there's some less-square edges. You'll figure it out!
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    Version: 1.4.3
    Awesome plugin
    Issue: /reload KILLS custom enchants and makes me do a full restart to fix. I would love if this would be fixed <333333333333
    Keep up the work though
  2. Sleepy.ca
    Version: 1.4.3
    Works well, Good support when needed, Well maintained, my server members love it, Looking forward to seeing new enchantments added as the plugin grows
  3. Meteor_Strike
    Version: 1.4.2
    Great plugin, although repairing an item DOES remove all lore from it, making custom items a bit tricky to do.
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    Version: 1.4.1
    Love the plugin its pretty good and customizable, just wish it had a vanilla enchanting table option like it does for the anvil.
  5. buschstahf
    Version: 1.4.1
    Very good plugin, incredible customization - an absolute must whether or not you're looking for something simple (install and go), or complex (permission-based enchants).

    Dev is great and respond very fast, as well!
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    Version: 1.3.7
    Very good plugin and great response time!!!
  7. 3dguru
    Version: 1.3.7
    Awesome plugin and awesome author ... very speedy replies and has fixed issues. I highly recommend this on your server
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    Version: 1.3.6
    Hey, Very Good plugin, only if you would insert a command in the latest version that you added today it would say the command in the chat.
    Otherwise it would've been a 5star.
  9. razorrider7
    Version: 1.3.5
    This plugin is amazing. I have yet to find a bug, and the level 50 enchanting options work like a charm. I hope more enchantments are added soon though, as more would make this plugin better (there are currently only 19).
    1. crashtheparty
      Author's Response
      New enchantments will be coming soon!
  10. AGC_Jake
    Version: 1.3.5
    i like this plugin. i do have a question u say up to level 50 enchantments. does that mean like looting level 50?
    1. crashtheparty
      Author's Response
      The level 50 enchanting means that the enchantment table goes up to level 50 rather than level 30, offering higher level enchantments.