Enchantment Solution 2.4.15

The All-In-One Custom Enchanting Plugin!

  1. crashtheparty
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    German, Chinese (Simplified)

    Enchantment Solution now has a new way to support the plugin and offer feedback! Check out our new Discord server for more help with the plugin.

    Requires the CrashAPI plugin to function.

    Enchantment Solution has added custom inventory GUIs to make the process of adding enchantments as easy as vanilla, including enhancements that make the process of finding the best enchantment that much easier.


    Featured Servers:



    Thanks to server.pro for creating the following basic tutorial on Enchantment Solution!

    Other tutorials, such as advanced tutorials or enchantment tutorials, may be added here in the future, and I encourage anyone to make them (and possibly be featured)!

    Q1: Something in this plugin isn't working correctly. What do I do?
    A: First, read through the following questions and make sure the problem isn't one of the below. If it isn't, go to GitHub and add a bug report. If you don't have access to a GitHub account, you can send the issue in a pm on spigot or in the discussion area BUT make sure attach the debug.yml file generated using /es debug. STARTING SOON, I WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING BUG REPORTS WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION. The debug information makes it much easier to test, and thus I can fix the bugs much easier.

    Q2: I have a suggestion for a feature for EnchantmentSolution. How do I submit it?
    A: I will always accept feature suggestions through any avenue, but the best way to keep track of them all would be through GitHub. When submitting a ticket, there is a template for suggestions. You can also add a pull request from GitHub and code in suggestions to add to the plugin. I may not add in the exact code you used, but it's always appreciated!

    Q3: Can you add an enchantment that does [this] for me?
    A: I already have a list of enchantments that are ready for future versions of the plugin to keep it fresh every update. If I have responded to your discussion post about it, it means I either have it on the list or have added it to the list because of your suggestion. As major updates take time to plan and code, it may take a few months for new enchantments to make their way into the plugin, so please have patience with it!

    Q4: Can you add an enchantment that gives the player X potion effect?
    A: Enchantments with potion effects are boring from my experience. If you would like one added, suggest it in the discussion post for EnchantmentSolutionAdditions.

    Q5: Can you add configuration options to modify what X enchantment does?
    A: That is partly what EnchantmentSolutionAdditions is for. Check that plugin out and request things there.

    Q6: This plugin is conflicting with my flight plugin. What should I do?
    A: Give any players with access to /fly the permission "enchantmentsolution.enable-flight". That permission will not revert any changes to allowFlight that the player may have, which will make flying work for your players again.

    Q7: I want certain enchantments/enchantment levels to require permissions for use. How do I do that?
    A: First you need to set "advanced_options.use" and "advanced_options.use_permissions" to true in the enchantments.yml file. Then, any enchantment you want to set permissions for will have the ability to set them for the abvil and enchanting table. Setting them to true will require the permission to use.

    Q8: Do I have to negate permissions for players to use certain levels?
    A: All anvil and enchanting table permissions are given to no one by default. If ops are able to get every level in the table or anvil, make sure they don't have the "enchantmentsolution.ignore-permissions" permission.

    Q9: I want x rank to have access to level 2 and 3 for x enchantment and I want y rank to have access to level 4 and 5. How do I do that?
    A: Make sure you are using the permissions system (see question 7). Then make sure that the level 2 permission and the level 4 permission in the enchantments.yml config are set to true (for either the table, anvil, or both, depending on what you need). Then give x rank the level2 permissions (enchantmentsolution.<enchant_name>.table.level2 and/or enchantmentsolution.<enchant_name>.anvil.level2) and the y rank the level 2 AND level 4 permissions.

    Q10: Does EnchantmentSolution have compatibility for x plugin?
    A: Currently, EnchantmentSolution only has direct compatibility with the Jobs Reborn, mcMMO, AuctionHouse, and VeinMiner plugins. Version 2.3 will be adding support for mmoItems. EnchantmentSolution tries to maintain compatibility with other plugins, but sometimes this just isn't possible.

    Q11: Can you add compatibility for x plugin?
    A: Compatibility can only be maintained if the other plugin author gives permission for it (e.g. either open sourced, APIs, or agreement between plugin creators). I will only add compatibility for other plugins at my discretion. Ways to increase the likelihood are that lots of people use the plugin, it is easy to maintain compatibility, or adding compatibility will add or increase the use of a certain feature of EnchantmentSolution.

    Q12: Breaking items such as chests, furnaces, shulker boxes, etc. duplicate when using the Telepathy enchantment. Can you fix this?
    A: Usually this is the result of another plugin dropping the original item. Without adding direct compatibility, this is not possible to fix, and most of the items given by Telepathy from these plugins won't work. This means the only problem is that these items can be duplicated. If this is too much of a problem, disable Telepathy.

    Q13: How do I add custom enchantments to items using crate plugins/other plugins?
    A: There are two ways to do it. The first option is to add the enchantment onto the item using the lore. In recent versions, the best way to figure this out is using /configlore <enchant> <level>. Add that to the lore of the item in your config and you should be good. The second option is to add it using the same way you add other enchantments. The id value will start with "enchantmentsolution:" (or whatever custom enchantment add-on plugin you uses' name) followed by the normal enchantment id (warp, frequent_flyer, etc.). The enchantment won't show up in the lore until you combine it (before 2.2.12) but it will still have the correct functionality.

    Q14: How does /configlore work?
    A: What the /configlore command does is encode a given string (or enchantment level) into base16 and then converts that into Bukkit's ChatColor system (which is also base16 with a few extras). Therefore, the enchantment level gets encoded into the lore right before the visible name string that shows up afterwards. That way, EnchantmentSolution can update the display name of the enchantments when it is changed without having the old name attached to it as well (prior to 2.2). Adding this generated string to an item's lore will also make it act like it has the enchantment to the enchantment_check listener, which will give the item that enchantment every check (default every 5 minutes). Therefore, certain plugins that cannot take custom enchantments can still use items with custom enchantments, as long as those items get fixed by EnchantmentSolution before they are used.

    Q15: X plugin is saying that <enchantment> is an invalid enchantment! What do I do?
    A: Some plugins only allow enchantments to be put on with vanilla access to tools (e.g. they only use addEnchantment rather than addUnsafeEnchantment). All custom enchantments HAVE to be put on the item using the unsafe option, so if the plugin has that ability, enable it. If it doesn't, find a different plugin.

    Q16: Why are players getting less enchantments on items than a vanilla enchanting table with level30+?
    A: The Level 50 system and advanced options system decreases the multiple enchantment chance from enchantability/50 to enchantability/75. If you want more enchantments on items, make sure "advanced_options.use" is set to true and lower the value of "advanced_options.multi_enchant_divisor" in enchantments.yml.

    Q17: Can you disable all the custom enchantments from the enchanting table?
    A: Remove 'TABLE' from the enchantment_locations on the enchantment in enchantments.yml.

    Q18: How do I raise the maximum enchantment level to X?
    A: Make sure advanced options is set to true (see question 7). Then update the enchantability_max_level to your specified value. It won't show up in the enchanting table at higher values unless you modify the enchantability, but you will be able to combine that high in an anvil.

    Q19: How does enchantability work? How do I modify it?
    A: Here is a tutorial of how it works in vanilla Minecraft. Along with that, there are the lapis modifiers under the advanced_options that increase the maximum enchantablity based on the tier (tier 3 is the level 30 max, tier 6 the level 50 max). This is on by default in the level 50 system and off in the level 30 system. The lapis modifier is added last. Enchantability values are also different in the level 50 system for every enchantment, so there is the /escalc command to look at the anchantabilities and the maximum levels that can come out of them in the enchanting table.

    Q20: How many bookshelves do you need for maximum level 50 enchantments?
    A: 23. As long as there is one block away from the enchanting table (directly or indirectly) and it is on the same y-level or 1 above that, the bookshelf will count. In vanilla, if there are blocks in the way (carpets, full blocks, etc.) the bookshelf wouldn't count, but in this plugin it still will, so go nuts with carpets!

    Q21: Why isn't the dev active?
    A: Work, school, Coronavirus, loneliness, depression, or having fun doing things other than Minecraft for a bit. There are still pretty regular updates (2.1 and 2.2 have had over 10 bug fix updates each) so sometimes it's nice to give the developer some time to relax. Thank you!

    Q22: Can I buy you a pizza?
    A: If you would like to send me money, I can give you my donation link. Donations won't get you anything except my gratitude, but if you still want to send me money, I appreciate it.

    Q23: Am I able to make a video about your plugin?
    A: Absolutely! Let's plays, plugin reviews, plugin tutorials, anything! Send me a link to the video and I can include it on the resource page too, if you wish :)

    Q24: I am looking for a developer. Can you help me?
    A: No. I like my free time and with everything happening I barely have enough as is. Please find a different developer, though the fact that you chose me is nice.

    Q25: If I promote your plugin, can you do something for me?
    A: I do things on my own time. While you are free to promote EnchantmentSolution as you will, that will and cannot guarantee any kind of partnership. Only direct partnership I currently have is with the folks over at TownyAge.

    Q26: How does the Weight system work?
    A: The Weight system for enchantments works similar to the way vanilla Minecraft handles it. There are four main weights: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. Each of these weights gets a number, and then a random number is generated between 0 and all the weight numbers for valid enchantments added together, and then it picks out the enchantment based on that weight. Common's number is 300, Uncommon's is 100, Rare's is 30, and Very Rare's is 10. There are also Epic and Legendary weights, which have numbers of 3 and 1, respectively. None of the enchantments in the base plugin have weights of Epic or Legendary; these are there to give server developers much rarer weights for enchantments they want on the server but are overpowered.

    Q27: How do I change the names/descriptions of enchantments?
    A: There is a value in config.yml called "language_file". Most of the strings that Enchantment Solution uses has a value in this file. The enchantment language values fall under the "enchantments.descriptions" and "enchantments.display_names".


    Liven up your Minecraft worlds with 56 additional enchantments. Increase the amount of experience you gain with Exp. Share, remove all negative status effects with Magic Guard, or fly around like in creative mode with Frequent Flyer. There are plenty of unique, useful, and niche enchantments in this plugin, and trying them out is a blast!

    List of Enchantments:
    Angler (Fishing Rod Enchantment): Catch an additional fish per level.
    Armored (Elytra Enchantment): Adds armor points to Elytra.
    Beheading (Sword Enchantment): Adds a chance to drop mob heads on death.
    Blindness (Melee and Ranged Enchantment): Gives the attacked player blindness. (Conflicts with Truant).
    Brine (Sword Enchantment): Doubles damage if opponent is at half health or less.
    Butcher (Sword Enchantment): Earn additional meat from killing mobs (Conflicts with Looting and Husbandry)
    Curse of Contagion (Everything Enchantment): Spreads curses to items. (Conflicts with Curse of Stagnancy)
    Curse of Exhaustion (Everything Enchantment): Causes more exhaustion for Minecraft actions.
    Curse of Instability (Everything Enchantment): Decays item durability over time.
    Curse of Lag (Tools and Weapons Enchantment): Laggggg.
    Curse of Stagnancy (Everything Enchantment): Enchantments can no longer be added or modified on this item except for removed on the Grindstone (Conflicts with Curse of Contagion)

    Depth++ (Tools Enchantment): Increase forward break radius by 1 per level.
    Detonator (Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Explosions on arrow impact. Decreases creeper activation time. (Conflicts with Hollow Point).
    Drowned (Trident Enchantment): Drowns non-water mobs for a short time.
    Exp. Share (Tools/Weapons Enchantment): Increased experience drop from killing mobs and breaking blocks (Conflicts with Recycler)
    Flower Gift (Hoe Enchantment): Right click flowers to drop flowers. (Conflicts with Gold Digger and Soul Reaper).
    Force Feed (Everything Enchantment): Equipped items will repair themselves using the hunger bar (Conflicts with Mending and Sticky Hold)
    Frequent Flyer (Elytra Enchantment): Gives player creative flight at cost of durability. (Conflicts with Icarus).
    Fried (Fishing Rod Enchantment): All caught fish are automatically cooked.
    Frosty (Shovel Enchantment): Shoots snowballs out of shovel on left click.
    Gaia (Axe Enchantment): Breaks the blocks of trees over time. Replants saplings.

    Gold Digger (Hoe Enchantment): Drop gold and experience when breaking crops and nether warts. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Soul Reaper).
    Green Thumb (Hoe Enchantment): Breaking crops will replant them if possible.
    Gung Ho (Chestplate Enchantment): Halves health but triples attack damage. (Conflicts with Life).
    Hard Bounce (Shield Enchantment): Projectiles hitting the shield will bounce away at a faster rate. (Conflicts with Iron Defense).
    Height++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the up/down direction.
    Hollow Point (Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Deals more damage to armored opponents. Can deal damage to Endermen and shielded Withers. (Conflicts with Detonator).
    Husbandry (Sword Enchantment): Gives chance to spawn a baby animal when killing animals (Conflicts with Looting and Butcher)
    Icarus (Elytra Enchantment): Flying upwards will increase velocity. (Conflicts with Frequent Flyer).
    Irene's Lasso (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Grab animals to place elsewhere. (Conflicts with Wand).
    Iron Defense (Shield Enchantment): Shield absorbs percentage of damage when not blocking. (Conflicts with Hard Bounce).
    Joggers (Leggings Enchantment): Gives the player speed. (Conflicts with Plyometrics).
    Knock Up (Swords Enchantment): Knocks opponent into the air on hit. (Conflicts with Knockback).
    Life (Chestplate Enchantment): Increases maximum health when worn. (Conflicts with Gung Ho).
    Life Drain (Melee Enchantment): Steals the health of an attacked mob.
    Light Weight (Boots Enchantment): Prevents trampling crops (Conflicts with Feather Falling)
    Magic Guard (Shield Enchantment): Negative potion effects removed when in offhand.
    Magma Walker (Boots Enchantment): Turns lava into magma for a short time when walking near it. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Void Walker).
    Moisturize (Shears enchantment): Add moisture to blocks, waterlogging or changing certain block types.
    No Rest (Helmet Enchantment): Sleep time constantly reset to 0, causing no phantoms to spawn. (Conflicts with Unrest).
    Overkill (Bow Enchantment): Shoots arrows in inventory from bow on left click.
    Pacified (Melee Enchantment): Decreases damage against your own tamed mobs.
    Pillage (Crossbow Enchantment): Increase drops from killed mobs.
    Plyometrics (Leggings Enchantment): Gives the player jump boost. (Conflicts with Joggers).
    Pushback (Shield Enchantment): When blocking, knocks back melee-using damaging mobs
    Quick Strike (Melee Enchantment): Speeds up charge time. (Conflicts with Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, and Shock Aspect).
    Recycler (Melee Enchantment): Common loot drops will turn into experience (Conflicts with Exp. Share)
    Sacrifice (Chestplate Enchantment): Damages mob that killed you based on your experience level.
    Sand Veil (Hoe enchantment): Lowers accuracy of attacked entity's hits.
    Shock Aspect (Axes Enchantment): Chance to strike attacked mobs with lightning. (Conflicts with Quick Strike).
    Smeltery (Tools Enchantment): Smelt broken items. (Conflicts with Silk Touch).
    Sniper (Trident/Bow Enchantment): Increased projectile speed.
    Soulbound (Everything Enchantment): Keep item on death. (Conflicts with Curse of Vanishing).
    Soul Reaper (Hoe Enchantment): Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Gold Digger).
    Splatter Fest (Hoe Enchantment): Shoots eggs in inventory from hoe on left click.
    Sticky Hold (Everything Enchantment): When the item breaks, it will turn into a stick which can be repaired back into the item (Conflicts with Mending and Force Feed)
    Stone Throw (Crossbow Enchantment): Does more damage to flying mobs.
    Streak (Melee Enchantment): Killing the same mob repeatedly will increase damage against that mob.
    Tank (Armor Enchantment): Increased durability.
    Telepathy (Tools Enchantment): All mined blocks go straight into your inventory.
    Toughness (Armor Enchantment): Adds armor toughness to armor.
    Transmutation (Trident Enchantment): Turns mob loot into sea-based loot.
    Truant (Melee and Ranged Enchantment): Gives the attacked entity slowness. (Conflicts with Blindness).
    Unrest (Helmet Enchantment): Gives night vision but phantoms will always spawn at night around you.
    Venom (Melee and Ranged Enchantment): Gives the attacked player poison. (Conflicts with Withering).
    Void Walker (Boots Enchantment): Spawns obsidian in air blocks to help players cross the void. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Magma Walker).
    Wand (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Place blocks from offhand in a radius. (Conflicts with Irene's Lasso).
    Warp (Leggings Enchantment): Gives chance to teleport you away from damage.
    Water Breathing (Helmet Enchantment): Gives the player water breathing. (Conflicts with Aqua Affinity).
    Width++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the left/right direction.
    Withering (Melee and Ranged Enchantment): Gives the attacked player wither damage. (Conflicts with Venom).
    Zeal (Hoe Enchantment): Shoots fireballs out of hoe on left click.


    Enchantment Solution now comes with custom advancements as well! Help your players understand the new enchantments with 65 advancements that help explain what each of them do. There is at least 1 advancement per enchantment, and each one gives your players a bit of experience for completing them!


    With a custom Enchantment Table GUI, your custom enchantment experience is in as vanilla of an environment as possible! Every single vanilla and custom enchantment shows up in the new GUI to make adding custom enchantments the same as adding vanilla ones. Plus, there's no random chance! Just like vanilla, the GUI will tell you one guaranteed enchantment, meaning going for that custom enchantment you want easy. You'll also be able to insert 4 different items at a time to compare enchantments on multiple items, without having to remember.

    The custom GUI also gives server owners easy modification. Want an enchantment to only appear in loot chests? Make it a treasure enchantment! Want only certain players to get higher level enchantments? Add permissions for it! Don't want it at all? Disable it! Enchantment information is fully customizable (except its effects) to let server owners decide what they want.

    Like the old days of Minecraft, to get higher-tiers of enchantments, you'll now need 50 levels, but like Minecraft today, it will only take a fraction of the levels upon enchanting an item. The level 50 option also gives access to higher levels for vanilla enchantments as well. Efficiency VI! Sharpness VI! Unbreaking V! The higher levels require more bookshelves, but the rewards are well worth it. The maximum level of enchantments is also customizable, so you could give some players access to tools with Efficiency X!

    For more vanilla servers, the plugin allows the owner to disable the level 50 system altogether and go for the classic level 30 system. This can also be used to disable all of the custom GUIs, but the custom GUIs have more functionality!


    The custom anvil GUI can add and modify custom enchantments on items. Combine levels on custom enchantments just as you would in vanilla! The maximum number of enchantments on items, the maximum experience that can repair an item, and the amount of experience it takes to repair items can all be edited. Custom lore and attributes from the first item in the anvil will all be saved as well.

    Added in 1.14, the Grindstone also implements a new GUI. Remove custom enchantments and have the Grindstone give you back some experience for your troubles, or use it to repair unenchanted gear without using up levels. The Grindstone may also be used to take enchantments from items and place them on a book. Server owners can disable this, or they can edit whether the book will have the repair cost of the used up tool.

    Does your server use custom recipes from the anvil? Enchantment Solution offers a way for players to use the normal anvil GUI for these crafting recipes. Just be careful with those custom enchantments!


    The enchantments_advanced configuration file allows for plenty of customization of enchantments. Maximum level, conflicting enchantments, enchantment weight, permissions, and many more options can be modified for your server's liking.

    Custom enchanted gear may also appear on spawned mobs, in loot chests, and from fishing items! Increase the average enchantments on an item, allow or disallow treasure enchantments to spawn from the drops, or disallow them from dropping custom enchantments in the first place.


    Enchantment Solution also features mcMMO support, English and German language localizations, an easy way to add your own custom enchantments, and modification of configuration files in game! These features are explained in depth in the tutorials, so check those out if these things interest you!


    Thank you to my friend for creating the custom title art used on this page.

    Thank you to Sidias for help with the German language localization and qsefthuopq for help with the Chinese localization.

    Thank you to every person who has rated the plugin, asked for help, requested additions, or reported bugs. Enchantment Solution would not be in its current state without all of you!


    Explicit Support:
    • mcMMO
    • JobsReborn
    • VeinMiner
    • AuctionHouse
    • mmoItems
    Possible Issues with Other Plugins:
    • Any plugin that modifies fishing, messes with player health, listens for block breaks, or influences the loot dropped from mobs or blocks may cause incompatibilities. I have coded the plugin with land-claim plugins in consideration, but these may have interesting quirks depending on the plugin and enchantments. If you have issues with compatibility between this and any other plugin, please report it!



    Commands and Permissions
    /enchant (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchant): Enchants the item in hand with a given enchantment and level. Follows the rules of the enchantment table/anvil (ie no illegal enchantments).

    /enchantinfo: Gives information about the selected enchantment.

    /removeenchant (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchantremove): Removes the specified enchantment from the item in hand.

    /enchantunsafe (requires enchantmentsolution.command.enchantunsafe): Enchants the item in hand with a given enchantment and level. Allows illegal enchantments to be put on the item.

    /esreload (requires enchantmentsolution.command.reload): Reloads all config files and the language file.

    /esconfig (requires enchantmentsolution.command.edit): Modifies config files using in-game GUI.

    /esreset (requires enchantmentsolution.command.reset): Force closes all custom GUI inventories.

    /esdebug (requires enchantmentsolution.command.debug): Generates a debug.yml file for faster debugging of issues.

    /escalc (requires enchantmentsolution.command.escalc): Views enchantability information for the server setup

    /configlore (requires enchantmentsolution.command.configlore): Gives encoded string data to be used for other plugins that don't support custom enchantments.

    /esbook (requires enchantmentsolution.command.book): Gives the player a book with a certain enchantment or random enchantments.

    /esanvil (requires enchantmentsolution.command.anvil): Opens the custom anvil GUI.

    /esgrindstone (requires enchantmentsolution.command.grindstone): Opens the custom grindstone GUI.

    /esfix (requires enchantmentsolution.command.fix): Fixes custom enchantments on items that lost them from other plugins.

    /esrpg (requires enchantmentsolution.command.rpg): Shows the RPG level screen for ESRPG.

    /rpgstats (requires enchantmentsolution.command.rpgstats): Show the details of ESRPG stats for the given player.

    /rpgedit (requires enchantmentsolution.command.rpgedit): Edit the stats of ESRPG for yourself or other players.

    /rpgtop (requires enchantmentsolution.command.rpgtop): Show the players with the highest ESRPG level.

    enchantmentsolution.command.edit: Gives access to the /esconfig command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchant: Gives access to the /enchant command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchant.others: Gives access to the /enchant command to give enchantments to other players. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.reload: Gives access to the /esreload command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantremove: Gives access to the /removeenchant command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantremove.others: Gives access to the /removeenchant command to remove enchantments from other players. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.reset: Gives access to the /esreset command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantunsafe: Gives access to the /enchantunsafe command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.enchantunsafe.others: Gives access to the /enchantunsafe command to give enchantments to other players. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.debug: Gives access to the /esdebug command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.escalc: Gives access to the /escalc command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.book: Gives access to the /esbook command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.book.others: Gives access to the /esbook command to allow giving other players books. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.anvil: Gives access to the /esanvil command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.grindstone: Gives access to the /esgrindstone command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.configlore: Gives access to the /configlore command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.help: Gives access to the /eshelp command. (default true)

    enchantmentsolution.command.fix: Gives access to the /esfix command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.fix.others: Gives access to /esfix command to allow fixing other players' enchantments. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.rpg: Gives access to the /esrpg command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.rpgstats: Gives access to the /rpgstats command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.rpgstats.others: Gives access to the /rpgstats command to see other players' stats. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.rpgedit: Gives access to the /rpgedit command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.command.rpgtop: Gives access to the /rpgtop command. (default op)

    enchantmentsolution.abilities.has-external-flight: Enables use of external /fly commands without interference from FrequentFlyer (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.abilities.player-skulls: Enables dropping player skulls with Beheading (default true)

    enchantmentsolution.abilities.custom-skulls: Enables dropping custom skulls with Beheading (default true)

    enchantmentsolution.permissions.ignore: Gives access to all enchantment permissions. (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.anvil.god: Allows the anvil to combine higher levels of enchantments and conflicting enchantments to items. (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.anvil.demigod-: Allows the anvil to keep the levels of the first item on the book if they are unable to combine them. (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.anvil.demigod-books: Allows the anvil to add enchantments from books to items even if the player should not be able to combine that level. (default false)

    enchantmentsolution.[enchant_name].[type].level[level]: Gives access to the [enchant_name] enchant for [type] type (either table or anvil) at level [level]. Follows the same pattern as permissions in the enchantment_advanced config.

    For example: Having the enchantmentsolution.punch.table.level2 permission will give the player access to the Punch enchantment in the enchantment table at level 2 if requiring permissions for that enchantment is set to true.

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  3. WordyEnvelope51
    Version: 2.4.10
    I used this plugin for my server last year and it was great. I'm trying to use this plugin for my 1.16.5 server right now but whenever I click an item that has a custom enchant, the enchant duplicates on the item and won't go away. Any way to fix this?
  4. BoosterBoo2005
    Version: 2.4.9
    I LOVE THIS PLUGIN but could you make it so you can see the custom enchants on the sword?
  5. MG_JerryMouse
    Version: 2.4.4
    One of the best all-in-one enchanting plugins out there. This plugin is quite customizable, had a fun time doin small tweaks to it. The only drawback i would say is that... why the heck are unexperienced people like Ikorvath could't figure out the config, then blamed the plugin. THE CONFIG IS SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND LMAO XD
  6. MrWiskyFlame
    Version: 2.4.4
    This Plugin Is Great. It adds everything what could have been added. Don't liste to the Hate Speech of Ikorvath. I dont know how he cant find the config file. It was just there where every config belongs. If you want to be smart write some usfull feedback not just allcabs shid that says "THis ISz Baad" You can create your own enchantments and you can just change max numbers or conflict enchantmends in game with a gui commands. I would recommend to report Ikorvath and other Memers that just spamm and bring Hate speech to this Plattform. Thank You.
  7. Ikorvath
    Version: 2.4.4
    These lazy a## devs ruined what could have been a great plugin by making the command /enchant... LIKE WTF thats the vanilla command, so you cant even find the new enchantments! AND IT ALSO RUINS EVERYTHING! THIS. IS. GARBAGE! DO NOT INSTALL! THIS PLUGIN KIND OF ADDS SOMETHING, BUT ITS JUST STUPID NEW NAMES TO ALREADY EXISTING ENCHANTMENTS! ALLDAMAGE AND SHARPNESS FOR EXAMPLE, ARE THE SAME FRICKEN THING! NO CONFIG EITHER...
  8. okzerus
    Version: 2.4.4
    plugin is very good, but after enchant frequent flyer on elytra and then unequip i still can fly, how to fix it?
  9. KoKoBerry
    Version: 2.4.4
    Great update, great dev. 1.16.5 support came super fast. Much appreciated. I'm excited to test out the height/width/depth changes, they will prob work out perfectly.
  10. NekomataGami
    Bug: On paper version 1.16.5, dropping an item with enchantment-solution enchantments then picking it back will cause the enchantment to multiply