Enchantment Solution 1.3.5

New GUI and Enchantments for Enchanting

  1. 1.3.5

    Changed trident enchantments level 30 enchantability to be based on Minecraft source code
    Check for new version every 4 hours on the server

    Fix for exploit with crops and Telepathy
    Fix for exploit with MagmaWalker and created magma
    Fix for exploit with taking Life enchantment on and off
    Fix for issues with saving config files not working
    Fix for issues with lists and null values in config
    Fix for Magma Walker start level being too high
    Fix for player's items being...
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  2. 1.3.4

    Added lapis_in_table to config.yml so that lapis must be in table before enchanting.
    Added enchantmentsolution.enable-flight permission so Frequent Flyer will not conflict with other plugins that grant /fly.

    Detailed permissions in the plugin.yml.

    Fix for lapis with custom item meta not counting towards lapis count.
  3. 1.3.3

    Add default_anvil_use to config.yml to use the normal anvil GUI from the custom GUI.
    The /esreload command will now try to load any non-loaded enchantments every time.

    Remove debug from fishing.
  4. 1.3.2

    Fix for crash when first creating data folder.
  5. 1.3.1

    Fix for backups not being saved and not correctly displaying
    Fix for being able to save and revert when no changes exist
  6. Release 1.3.0

    Release 1.3.0 continues to add more functionality to the advanced enchantments config as well as adding custom GUIs to modify configuration files in-game. Limit certain enchantments via permissions, increase or decrease the amount of enchantability with the lapis modifiers, and modify or revert configuration files from within the game.
    • Additions:
      • Database:
        • Added a database backup system to store changes to the config files.
        • Database can be used to revert...
  7. Enchantment Solution Release 1.2.0

    Added enchantments_advanced.yml as an additional config file
    - Changed use_custom_names to use_advanced file in config.yml, and moved display name changes to the new file
    - Added ability to change the weight, max level, start level, and other enchantability info of all enchantments (including default ones)
    - Added ability to set default enchantments as disabled/treasure
    - Turn off using the start level of enchants (More...
  8. 1.1.3

    Added compatibility to 1.13.2 servers.
  9. 1.1.2

    Change log:
    • Fix for issues with the 1.13.1 NMS that made some features unusable.
  10. 1.1.1

    Change log:
    • Updated items taking damage to use the new Bukkit Damageable
    • Added a way to modify enchantment display names on items
    • Fix for repair cost showing a higher value than what it takes in some circumstances
    • Fix for renaming items giving the player a named nametag instead
    • Fix for items not being returned to player when using a custom inventory on server reset
    • Fix for Smeltery not working with Unbreaking
    • Fix for Smeltery causing items to never break