Enchantment Upgrade Version 3.0.7

Increase your item's enchantment levels!

  1. GamerBah
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.11

    UPDATED TO 1.11.2
    I took some time to try out things with 1.11.2 (per request, thanks FatalBlade!), and it seems to work really well! This means that 1.11.2 will become the main supported version. If your server is running on 1.10 or 1.9, please send me a message and I'll work on updating!

    Thanks for 5800+ downloads!

    The ultimate plugin for anyone who likes strength on the battlefield! ... or just likes slaughtering pigs with Sharpness 10.

    What Does it Do?
    This plugin aims to make enchantments just a little bit more powerful. This doesn't replace the default enchanting, however! Using this plugin, you can setup an altar to upgrade all of your enchantments (ya know, Enchantment Upgrade). For instance, with enough patience, materials, and desire for strength, you could increase the Knockback 2 of your OP Diamond Sword to Knockback 10! Be warned: using the altar does cost a lot of materials!

    How to Build & Use the Upgrade Altar
    The altar formation can be found here
    Once the altar has been created (you should get a message confirming this), you can simply left-click on the enchantment table with any item that has an enchantment on it! Click on the book containing the enchantment you want to upgrade, or click the CANCEL button to change your mind.

    /altar - Sends the player a link to the altar formation page, no permissions needed

    enchupgrade.create - Allows player to create Upgrade Altars
    enchupgrade.use - Allows player to use Upgrade Altars
    enchupgrade.break - Allows player to break Upgrade Altars
    enchupgrade.<one of the above>.<WorldName> - Prevents player from doing specific action in named world (Needs Feedback!)

    I am always going to be looking for ways to add something new to this plugin, so feel free to give some suggestions!

    • Configurable option to not destroy the altar on use (version 3.0.6)
    • Minor changes to how upgrade are made
    • Minor changes to cosmetics
    • Altar Ownership + "friend list"
    • Per-world permissions (version 3.0.6, untested)
    • More stats for use on MCStats
    • Update to 1.11.2
    • Ability to use XP instead of breaking altars
    Known Bugs
    breakOnUse: false doesn't work

    Q: Does the beacon need to have the beam show in order for me to upgrade?
    A: No, the beacon light is purely cosmetic, in this case.

    Q: What happens when I upgrade my enchantment?
    A: The blocks will be removed by a magical explosion.

    Q: Are my altars protected from other people?
    A: No. Altars can be used by anyone and broken by anyone (so long as they have the permission). Be careful where you place them! (subject to change!)

    Q: Do you offer help for this plugin?
    A: Yes! If you have issues while using this plugin, I'll gladly help! Send in a ticket, leave a comment, or PM me!

    This plugin uses Metrics to track various stats about the plugin's usage. http://mcstats.org/plugin/EnchantmentUpgrade [​IMG]

    As always, your support is greatly appreciated!


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