Enchantments Enhance - Gear Progression Mechanics with Customized Enchantments 4.3

Custom enchantments system inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

  1. HealPot
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Simplified Chinese

    • Enhancing is the act of increasing the stats of your items. By default configuration: the enhancement levels after +15 are called PRI (+16), DUO (+17), TRI (+18), TET +(19) and PEN (+20). To enhance armor and weapons above +15 you need to start using concentrated black stones instead of regular ones.
    • Failstacks is used to signify the number of failed attempts a player has made at enhancing. Failstacks increase the chance of a successful enhancement attempt. This chance increase depends on the gear type and the enhancement level it already has. This is a default configuration of failstack:[​IMG]
    • By default configuration, when you try to enhance a weapon or armor to TRI or higher and fail, the enhancement level of your item drops by one level. So on a failed attempt DUO -> PRI, TRI -> DUO and TET -> TRI.
    • Choose between two modes:
      Tradeable: keep-item-on-death, personal trading is allowed.
      Untradeable: keep-item-on-death, cannot be stored, cannot be dropped.
    • Force guarantees a successful enhancement but requires more blackstones.
    • A special item that can give you failstack depending on the level of the advice.
    • Allows you to store failstack by creating Advice of Valks.
    • You use black stones to enhance and build failstack on. Concentrated black stones are needed if you want to enhance past +15.
      [​IMG] Black Stone (Weapon)
      [​IMG]Black Stone (Armor)
      [​IMG]Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)
      [​IMG] Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)
    • Life skills consist of various tasks. Black stones will be rewarded by performing any of these tasks.
    • Vault
    • Cron stones of item protection for failing an enhancement attempt.
    • You lose some durability of an item on a failed enhancing attempt.
    • Extracting black stones.
    • Repairing durability with an identical item or Artisan’s Memory.
    • More ideas needed!!!!
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  2. Fixed a critical bug.
  3. Potential exploits fixed.

Recent Reviews

  1. scarce
    Version: 4.2.2
    Aside from the plugin concept and features, which are nicely implemented into Minecraft-- the author impresses me with how much they update the server with fixes, as well as activity on GitHub : ] hope the plugin and author get the love they deserve.
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      <3 Thanks!
  2. Viroy
    Version: 4.1.6
    Keep up the great work <3
    Implement bow pls <3

  3. Favicioh
    Version: 4.1.6
    Excellent work. Nothing like this. The best Plugin of enhance of items.
    Constant progress, and excellent attention.
  4. iDreamablez
    Version: 4.1.5
    BDO POGGERS ... Fam what level you at doe and what do you main xP

    Fug dis character limit.
  5. Blake164366
    Version: 4.1.5
    Love this plugin! I saw you added "Wing" into this plugin, thank you for adding such. I don't think any other enchants plugin adds flight enchantment so this means a lot!
  6. karuney
    Version: 4.1.5
    Is this compatible with other custom item plugins? like MMOItems, Myitems, DivineItems ect... ?
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      I never tested, but in theory, it shouldn't conflict with other plugins. Why don't you test it and see what happens?
  7. minhthanh920
    Version: 4.0
    Really cool.
    Can you add name and lore after upgrade an item . Exmple :
    -name: %prefixe% %oldname% %surfixe%.
    -lore: ( it still keep old lore)
    -line1: abc
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      Nice idea! Will be implemented as soon as possible.
  8. Asura_Prism
    Version: 3.7
    Good idea, good plugin but you can make a video Tutorial how to use this? :D five star i give you
  9. DanielMatthews
    Version: 3.0
    Good plugin
    But please update this plugins to upgrade more enchant
  10. PablockDA
    Version: 2.5
    Its a good plugin but still need more work.

    1 This should have a command to give each type of Stones.

    2 More configurable what drops de stones:
    For example:
    (here you specify)
    (here you specify)

    3 A way to trade with others the stones

    Still a good plugin. :)
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      Hey, your suggestions have been added to the plugins.