Enchantments Enhance - Upgrade Your Gear 2.3

Inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

  1. Bug fix

    [UPDATE] Updated the doc.
    [UPDATE] Permissions update.
    [UPDATE] Updated help command.

    PLEASE remove all the old files to install the new version.
  2. Bug Fix

    [UPDATE] Improved commands handling.
    [UPDATE] Customized add command.
    [UPDATE] Updated localization file.
    [UPDATE] Improved tab completion.
  3. Updated to v2.1

    [UPDATE] Added plugintag to messages
    [UPDATE] 1.7.10 compatible
    [UPDATE] Help command now displays all the command available.
  4. Enhancement system adds lifeskilling

    Do lifeskilling(fishing, gathering, and killing mobs) for enhancement stones to upgrade your gear.
    - Finished eco system deployed in the system: use /enhance inventory to check your gathers.
  5. More options added!

    [UPDATE] Added Blacksmith's Secret Book.
    - Allows you to store failstacks by creating Advice of Valks.
    [UPDATE] Added Advice of Valks.
    - A special item that can give you failstacks depending on the level of the advice.
    [UPDATE] Added list and select commands
  6. Beatify Update: Plugin now looks more aesthetic.

    [UPDATE] Language customization is fully supported.
    [UPDATE] Messages now are colorful.
    [UPDATE] Message handler optimized.
  7. Fixed the permissions

    Players now will have access to enhance menu.
  8. Correctly display force enhance messages.

    Updated to v1.6.1
  9. Added Broadcast Messages

    When a player attempts an enhancement of an item that is higher than or equal to TRI. The plugin will broadcast the result of the enhancement.

    Planned update:
    Beautify the plugin, and makes all the messages colorful.
  10. Compatibility update

    Added support for 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12.