EnchantmentsEnhance - Gear Progression Mechanics with Customized Enchantments 7.2.0

Progressive custom enchantments system inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

  1. HealPot
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    NitroFox0, lgou2w
    Languages Supported:
    English, Simplified Chinese
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    Enhancing is the act of increasing the stats of your items. By default configuration: the enhancement levels after +15 are called PRI (+16), DUO (+17), TRI (+18), TET +(19) and PEN (+20). To enhance armor and weapons above +15 you need to start using concentrated black stones instead of regular ones.
    Failstacks is used to signify the number of failed attempts a player has made at enhancing. Failstacks increase the chance of a successful enhancement attempt. This chance increase depends on the gear type and the enhancement level it already has. This is a default configuration of failstack:[​IMG]
    By default configuration, when you try to enhance a weapon or armor to TRI or higher and fail, the enhancement level of your item drops by one level. So on a failed attempt DUO -> PRI, TRI -> DUO and TET -> TRI.
    Choose between three modes:
    • Tradeable: keep-item-on-death, personal trading is allowed.
    • Untradeable: keep-item-on-death, cannot be stored, cannot be dropped.
    • Disabled: disable keep-item-on-death.
    Force guarantees a successful enhancement but requires more blackstones.
    A special item that can give you failstack depending on the level of the advice.
    Allows you to store failstack by creating Advice of Valks.
    You use black stones to enhance and build failstack on. Concentrated black stones are needed if you want to enhance past +15.
    • [​IMG] Black Stone (Weapon)
    • [​IMG]Black Stone (Armor)
    • [​IMG]Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)
    • [​IMG] Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)
    Life skills consist of various tasks. Black stones will be rewarded by performing any of these tasks.
    This is where the fun begins:
    The higher a failstack, the higher the value it is. So you want to build your failstack to ultimately attempt your gears to TET, or even PEN.
    Reblath failstack is basically a mechanics that gives you 1 failstack, but you are risking 17.5% chance to lose all of your current failstack.
    In the game of BDO, there are many people use this mechanic so I implemented it into this plugin.
    I will show you some clips from the original game that this plugin is based off. Please read the comments on the posts too, they are extremely hilarious.
    Meme How to get 100 failstacks from reblath
    Media How to build failstacks (instructional)
    In addition, many people are extremely lucky with the odds:
    Fail stacks are a meme.
    Failstacks are still a Meme
    Some people have no luck:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Your misery is my pleasure ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    Odz Go TET or die TET-ing
    Odz PEN or PENis
    You could grind 1 stone and get a customized amount of stones back. Player will set the multiplier by using /enhance set number.
    Of course, the chance is proportional to the winning. For example, a default multiplier of 2 will grant the player a chance of 50%. A customized multiplier of 3 will grant the player a winning chance of 33.33%. The algorithm used here is
    Code (Text):
    0.01 + 0.99 / (1 - random.nextDouble())
    This is an example of the original enhancing mechanism from BDO. It is extremely grindy, meaning this game is a time-sink and there are many producers that are unnecessary.
    This plugin simplified all the bad designs of BDO and kept the fun part.
    • Accessory enhancing.
    • Cron stones of item protection for failing an enhancement attempt.

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  1. Bugfix
  2. Feature Update and Bugfix
  3. Security and Stability Update.

Recent Reviews

  1. noemi1998_
    Version: 7.2.0
    Can you maybe add this Feature?:
    Adding a Watermark which shows at a Enhance level (example +20) which shows the Owner who made the weapon i mean just the Nickname
    so fore example my nick would be XiaoWeiXiao and i made a weapon on +20 it will show under the enchantes that i made this Weapon so "made by XiaoWeiXiao" in this case, or something like this
    Just a mark to see who made the weapon/gear on +20 :)
    1. HealPot
  2. GummiBear64
    Version: 7.2.0
    Bad documentation, it is nowhere to be found which enchantments it has and how to use it all
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
  3. johnsmith111
    Version: 7.2.0
    This plugin seems very good but I do not understand it at all, with just a little bit of tweaking I have found so many features. A video tutorial would be very helpful!
  4. noemi1998_
    Version: 7.1.0
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      Fixed :) thanks for reporting
  5. Rastart_
    Version: 7.0.0
    The kind of plugin that im looking for..

    anyway can you make the plugin have diffrent enchantment table ? like when you enchant the tool their max enchantment is +5 and have difrent chance
  6. noemi1998_
    Version: 7.0.0
    You did an Awesome Job!
    I Love this Plugin, but sadly as i noticed it dosen't support Upgrading of a Shovel, is that right?
    Because i can't Upgrade any Shovles D:
    1. HealPot
      Author's Response
      Shovels can now be enhanced :)
  7. AndiSlash0723
    Version: 6.8.0
    The problem is right the way fixed
    very very fast
    as a BDO player i can only say that I love this plugin so much
  8. stsguitar23
    Version: 6.8.0
    Couldnt have asked for a better enchantments plugin! Everything works as intended, and the configs are easy to understand. Really like that it lets me use "unsafe" enchantments as well!
  9. Howar
    Version: 6.5
    Is it possible to disable the original MENDING enchantment?
  10. franckjohann
    Version: 5.3
    É um plugin excelente para quem esta procurando colocar encantamentos editados em um servidor.
    Esse plugin é bem completo e seu dono é muito ativo e atencioso.