EnchantmentsEnhance - Gear Progression Mechanics with Customized Enchantments 7.9.9

Progressive custom enchantments system inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

  1. Feature Update and Bugfix

    [7.1.0] - 2019-2-28
    • Grinding can be disabled.
    • Reblath failstacking can be disabled.
    • Sword can be enhanced as a tool.
    • The shovel can be enhanced as a tool.
    • Item set command can now support tool.
    • Option to only accept EE renamed item
    • The fishing rod can be enhanced as a tool.
    • Issue displaying enchantments chance.
    • Items can be glitched into the menu.
    • Overflow error.
    • The plugin is now compatible with 1.8-1.13.2
    • Configuration file changed to adapt the knife and shovel.
    • Jar files now contain markdown files.
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