EnchantRestrict 1.2

Get rid of that pesky hacked armor and tools with one simple plugin!

  1. magicmq
    This plugin is designed to combat hacks/glitches that can allow players to exploit the creative mode inventory in order to spawn hacked armor/tools with unrealistically high or low enchantments into the game. It is quite simple to use, drag and drop it into your plugins folder, and start your server.

    A configuration is generated at the first run of the plugin. The values in the config are very clearly defined in the config, but they are also here:
    • min-level: If an enchanted piece of armor or tool has a level lower than the level defined here, then the plugin will confiscate it. (Default 0)
    • max-level: If an enchanged piece of armor or tool has a level higher than the level defined here, then the plugin will confiscate it. (Default 10)
    • interval: The interval, in seconds, that the plugin will check all online players for hacked enchanted tools/armor. (Default 5 seconds)
    • check-on-move: Whether or not the plugin will check for hacked enchantments on armor/tools a player has when they move. WARNING: This method of checking causes high amounts of lag and should only be used if absolutely necessary. (Default false)
    • message: The message to send a player when hacked enchanted armor/tools are confiscated from the player. (Default in config)
    This plugin was originally custom coded for OPCraft, but the owner (@MrIceyBreeze) has explicitly given me permission to release the plugin to the general public, as he feels it is needed. All credit to him for the idea.
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