Enchants Squared - Custom enchantments that act like vanilla ones! 1.6

40+ Highly customizable vanilla-like enchantments. w/ WorldGuard, Geyser, & Jobs compatibility

  1. Thanks for 1000+ downloads! Some features and bug fixes

    Thanks a lot for 1000+ downloads!

    Partially fixed inconsistencies regarding combining items in an anvil
    As it turns out, spigot's anvil listener is a bit inconsistent at times. Sometimes the extra EXP costs will be applied and sometimes they're not. When the exp costs are 0, you can still take the output item out but they won't be visible on your cursor, but you can still place it in your inventory.
    I'm still looking for ways to fix this, but at least in the meantime you can combine items properly again.

    Fixed a bug where librarian book trades would sometimes reset to something else

    Fixed a bug where the stunning enchant could launch entities into the stratosphere

    Fished up enchanted books can now contain custom enchantments

    Other villagers like armorers or toolsmiths can now also trade tools and armor with custom enchantments.

    Items only containing custom enchants will now receive an enchant glint

    Made preparations for dungeon-found enchanted items to also contain custom enchantments, this is not implemented yet.
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