Enchants Squared - Custom enchantments that act like vanilla ones! 1.6

40+ Highly customizable vanilla-like enchantments. w/ WorldGuard, Geyser, & Jobs compatibility

  1. New command, new enchantment, two enchantments reworked

    New command: /es give
    Gives you an item customizable with a number of options:
    custom: adds a number of custom enchantments to the item
    enchant: adds a number of vanilla enchantments to the item
    name: adds a custom display name to the item
    lore: adds custom lore to the item

    /es give Athlaeos diamond_sword 1 custom=bonus_exp:5 name=&2Blade_of_Knowledge enchants=sharpness:10,unbreaking:5 lore=&aGives_you_a_lot/n&amore_exp

    Just use underscores in the place of spaces in names and lore, and /n for a new line in lore. Use commas to add several (custom)enchantments to the item.

    Reworked Vigorous to add the extra max health attribute to the item instead of actively updating it. This makes it so the plugin doesnt have to reset the player's health to default every time, so it allows you to have custom HP for players again. See config for more details.

    Reworked Steady to add the knockback resistance attribute to the item instead of reducing the player's velocity after being hit. This should make steady a lot more consistent and reliable, and less buggy.

    Added a new enchantment: Plating. This increases the armor value on an item, which by default is just elytras. This is also done through attributes.

    One note with attributes though, in certain item cases it'll appear the item's attributes have been vastly changed when they really haven't been. For example, if a sword has had their attributes changed it'll appear to have -2.6 attack speed. This is normal, and it'll still have the "1.6" attack speed it should have. This can't be changed as default attributes applied by minecraft are visually shown differently than if attributes are applied externally.

    Fixed an issue where grindstones didn't always clear enchantment lore, even though enchantments disappeared.
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