Enchants Squared - Custom enchantments that act like vanilla ones! 1.6

40+ Highly customizable vanilla-like enchantments. w/ WorldGuard, Geyser, & Jobs compatibility

  1. Bug fixes

    Sorry it took a while to release this update.
    The issue with mcMMO where people can exploit breaking and replacing blocks for EXP still hasn't been fixed. I really wanted to fix this before releasing the update but I haven't been able to figure out why it happens yet.
    There's also apparently a bug with purpur to do with rejuvenation not working properly, which I haven't been able to reproduce. That being said, this plugin is not being developed with the API of Purpur considered. Only paper...
  2. Big bug fixes and 3 more enchantments

    Fixed a bug that caused items to refuse to combine in anvils, this is due to an inconsistency between paper and spigot

    Fixed a bug where chemical shield could not be added to shields through the anvil

    Fixed an issue where soulbound would sometimes interfere with other plugins' on-death mechanics

    Fixed an issue where unbreakable items could still take damage with certain enchantments

    New enchantment: Basalt Skin
    Gives fire resistance while worn, but slows you down (toggleable in config)...
  3. Java 16, debug mode, developer API additions,

    The plugin has now been compiled in java 16, this means it should be good to go for Minecraft 1.17

    Added a debug mode. Quite a few people say of inconsistencies with the anvil, and it sometimes not working for combining enchantments. It won't really appear for me though, so I can't really find and fix the issue if I don't see the issue. Debug mode should help with that a bit, debug mode will send the player, if applicable, status messages whenever they try to combine things with the anvil...
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  4. New command, new enchantment, two enchantments reworked

    New command: /es give
    Gives you an item customizable with a number of options:
    custom: adds a number of custom enchantments to the item
    enchant: adds a number of vanilla enchantments to the item
    name: adds a custom display name to the item
    lore: adds custom lore to the item

    /es give Athlaeos diamond_sword 1 custom=bonus_exp:5 name=&2Blade_of_Knowledge enchants=sharpness:10,unbreaking:5 lore=&aGives_you_a_lot/n&amore_exp

    Just use underscores in the...
  5. Villager trade bug fix

    Fixed a bug where villager trades would sometimes switch their (custom) enchantments
  6. Bug fixes and some nice features

    You guys have been insane as of late, jumping from 1000 to 1500 downloads in just 1 update. Thank you so much, this was the fastest growing update of any of my plugins.

    Disabled enchantments now are never registered by the plugin. This means any disabled enchantments won't be obtainable or usable. Use this feature to disable enchantments in case they're clashing with other plugins!

    Added the /es menu command, which is essentially just /es list but in GUI format. This GUI contains...
  7. Hotfix for enchantment glints

    Fixed an oversight where items would be given enchantment glints on log-in, regardless if they actually had any enchantments or not.
  8. Thanks for 1000+ downloads! Some features and bug fixes

    Thanks a lot for 1000+ downloads!

    Partially fixed inconsistencies regarding combining items in an anvil
    As it turns out, spigot's anvil listener is a bit inconsistent at times. Sometimes the extra EXP costs will be applied and sometimes they're not. When the exp costs are 0, you can still take the output item out but they won't be visible on your cursor, but you can still place it in your inventory.
    I'm still looking for ways to fix this, but at least in the meantime you can combine items...
  9. Books are now fully compatible, and added in villager trade compatibility!

    You can now configure a chance for villagers to sell custom enchanted books instead of vanilla ones! As well as a custom cost (range).
    For each enchanted book a librarian would normally sell, it has a configurable chance to be replaced by a custom enchanted book. You can also choose certain enchants to not be obtainable via trading, allowing even more control.

    Of course, since enchanted books only containing a custom enchant are obtainable now, they should naturally also be compatible in...
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  10. Bug fixes

    Fixed an issue where the kinship enchantment was capped at max level 1 regardless of configuration

    Fixed an issue where custom enchant on enchanted books would still work

    Corrected a default message that's sent to the player when removing an item from the grindstone, items only get their custom enchantments removed. Attribute modifiers are NOT removed
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