Enchants Squared - Custom enchantments that act like vanilla ones! 1.6

40+ Highly customizable vanilla-like enchantments. w/ WorldGuard, Geyser, & Jobs compatibility

  1. Minor bug fixes and inconsistencies fixed

    Fixed an inconsistency in item lore placement whenever an item is updated (when logging in, for example)

    Fixed inconsistencies in enchantment permissions required
    The permission is now changed to how the enchants are noted in the tab autocomplete of /es list
    es.enchant.illuminate --> es.enchant.illuminated
    es.enchant.steady --> es.enchant.knockback_protection
    es.enchant.lavawalker --> es.enchant.lava_walker
    es.enchant.luck --> es.enchant.lucky
    es.enchant.curse_brittle -->...
  2. big fixes

    Fixed a bug where excavation would always drop exp if sunforged has drop_exp set to true, regardless if the tool had sunforged or not.

    Fixed a bug where kinship no longer triggered on each block mined with excavation

    Fixed a bug where blocks mined would disappear when mined with sunforged, if the block had no recipe set. (Items such as dirt, coal ore, etc.)
  3. Another big optimization update, a small bug fix, and a tiny extra feature

    Greatly optimized Excavation (BlockBreakListener), up to 10x more performance (yes, it was poorly optimized before lol)

    Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances a NullPointerException would be thrown related to items that have no metadata

    Added an additional option to Sunforged to allow exp to drop from smelted blocks. This is very overpowered though, so I don't recommend it unless you want very easy to obtain experience on your server.
    Add the following option to the sunforged...
  4. Several important bug fixes

    Fixed a bug where putting an item through a grindstone sometimes did not remove all the enchantments

    Fixed a bug where the /es remove command removed the lore from the item, but not the enchant itself (it would still keep the effect)

    Fixed a bug where all lore of all items in your inventory outside of custom enchantments would be removed when logging in

    Fixed a bug where people using other /fly commands and plugins would not be able to fly
  5. Hotfix

    Bug fix: items would get custom nbt tags applied to them even if no enchantments are present on the item, causing items to stop stacking with one another. With this fix existing items are reverted back to normal and future items without enchantments remain unaffected
  6. Bug fixes, HUGE improvement to performance, and 3 new enchantments.

    Fixed a bug where console would throw an error if you chose to look up information on the "unassigned" enchantment in /es list

    Fixed a bug where tools with excavation or sunforged could break blocks even if they were not strong enough to break them, such as stone pickaxes breaking obsidian. Tools with sunforged could also mine and harvest ores they were not meant to, such as wooden pickaxes being able to harvest gold and iron ore and getting ingots from them.

    and a couple more probably...
  7. Quality of Life update

    added 3 optional parameters to the config:

    Code (YAML):

    : true
    : true
    : true
    These will allow you to enable or disable the rarity of an enchant, the max level of an enchant, or the compatible items of an enchant within /es help

    Reduced enchantments per page in /es help from 4 to 3 to prevent cluttering

    /es list will no longer list disabled enchantments

    /es list can now also take an...
  8. Added two new enchantments

    New enchant: Lava Walker
    Like frost walker, but for lava! Converts nearby lava blocks into a block of your choosing, will be magma by default. Costs some durability to use.

    New enchant: Auto Replant (Harvester)
    Enchant for hoes only. When right-clicking a crop it will instantly be harvested and replanted.

    Made github available
  9. Fixed level_minimum not doing anything

    the plugin didn't read this value because of a typo in the code so the default level minimum was always set to 0, this has now been fixed
  10. Fixed error messages in console

    Fixed issue where using attack-based enchants (poisoning, withering, stunning, etc.) would throw errors in console if attacking a non-living entity such as item frames, exp orbs, or items.
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