Enchants Squared - Custom enchantments that act like vanilla ones! 1.6

40+ Highly customizable vanilla-like enchantments. w/ WorldGuard, Geyser, & Jobs compatibility

  1. Small bug fixes

    Fixed a bug where the Steady enchant (knockback_protection) would make the player invincible for a time after being hit if the server also has essentials installed and have the player be invincible for a time after teleporting.

    Removed some redundant debug messages such as the one appearing when players use the toxic enchant
  2. EnchantsSquared 1.2-ALPHA

    New command: /es list
    /es list lists all the enchants as well as descriptions of them. The descriptions can be changed in the config.
    /es list {page number} will navigate to a certain page, but if you want info on a specific enchantment use /es list {enchantment}. The enchantments can be auto-filled from tab autocomplete, so you don't need to remember how specific enchantments are systematically called.

    Added an optional permission-based filter on enchantments. If you choose to opt in,...
  3. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug where books could not receive custom enchantments
    Removed remaining debug messages in console