EnchantShop (Purchase enchants using XP or Money) 2.3.0

Purchase enchants using XP levels! NEW: Vault support added

  1. All bugs fixed + Vault support

    2.2.0 Update
    26th September 2019

    New features / Changes
    • /enchantshop enchants - Opens a GUI with all of the enchants that are supported by this plugin and the aliases that you can use
    • /enchantshop debug - Sends a bunch of debug messages to aid with bug fixing
    • Added vault support - When placing an enchant sign with vault enabled on your server, a GUI will be opened prompting you to select either "Pay with money" or "Pay with XP". Upon selecting one of the two options, the sign will be updated to showcase how much is costs
    • Added a placeholder {type} for the following messages: "purchase-success", "payment-type-set", and "not-enough-funds"
    • Added the ability to sell unsafe enchantments (Example: Sharpness 10)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that didn't allow players to enchant the Trident and Crossbow
    • Fixed an issue that caused the plugin to not recognize enchantments for the Trident and Crossbow
    • Potentially fixed an issue that caused the Unbreaking enchantment to not be applied to items but players were still charged (cannot replicate after modifying TransactionType code so it was most likely fixed by accident)
    • Modified the update notifier messages to be less spammy and annoying.
    Developer Notes
    I'd recommend you to delete your messages.yml to get the most up-to-date placeholders otherwise you can just add them manually. Read the patchnotes to get what messages supports the new {type} placeholder.
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