EnchantTableLevel 1.8

And a simple and useful plugin for any server.

  1. NicolasDuff

    EnchantTableLevel, and a simple and useful plugin for any server. The plugin has a system for enchantment by levels, Each book with its organized level of 1-30. Clicking on a EnchantTable will open a menu 5 books with each book with their level.


    - EnchantTableLevel.place Permission for put one Enchant Table.
    - EnchantTableLevel.use Permission for use one Enchant Table.
    - EnchantTableLevel.use.1-5 Permission for use Enchant Table for levels books.

    Print screen


    Download the EnchantTableLevel.
    Place in the Plugins folder.
    Restart the server.
    Have a good time.
    Suggestions or bugs? Post a ticket!

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