Ender Eye Target Changer 1.2

Custom targets of eyes of ender

  1. CrashCringle
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    Change the target location of Eyes of Ender.

    This plugin is an updated version of the 1.9 plugin found here: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/enderchanger

    Ender Eye Changer
    Tired of people finding strongholds you never knew about? Have you ever wanted to control what those mysterious ender eyes do?

    This is the plugin for you!

    Ender Eye Changer allows you to change the locations that ender eyes point to simply by typing a command.

    Multiple waypoints can be created, and when a player throws an ender eye it will point towards the nearest one.

    The behavior of ender eyes can also be changed between pointing to the nearest waypoint and to natural stronghold locations on the fly.

    If no waypoints are defined, ender eyes default to Vanilla behaviour.

    There is one command, /endereye [waypoint|stronghold|add|remove] [name].

    You can use /endereye stronghold to make ender eyes point to strongholds, and /endereye waypoint to make them point towards the nearest defined waypoint.

    Use /endereye add <name> to add a waypoint at your current location, and /endereye remove <name> to remove a waypoint.

    Ender eyes will point to the closest waypoint.

    There are 2 configuration options you will use:

    • use-stronghold-locations: If ender eyes will point towards the nearest strongholds. (default true)
    • allow-nether-end: If ender eyes can be thrown in the end and nether worlds. (default false)
    The other section of the config is used by the plugin to store locations. You can edit this manually but it is not recommended.

    There is one permission, and it defaults to OP: endereyechanger.*

    I'm unsure how many versions the old one supports, but this one supports the latest version of minecraft (1.16). I don't plan on adding backwards compatibility for ancient versions, but if people use the plugin I'll keep compatibility starting from 1.16+.

    The plugin is extremely lightweight and required very little effort lol. With that in mind if anyone has any ideas for additional features feel free to comment them.

    Planned Features - Specific Ender Eyes lead to specific locations (Currently in beta on my server)
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    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin indea, never thought of this, pretty useful.