Ender Vaults release6beta

Ender Vaults like the ones featured on a popular server

  1. Added particle per item

    Added particle per item and you need to add the line:
    Code (Text):

    particle: INSTANT_SPELL
    to the section of the item for example where the chance integer is, the particle defaults to INSTANT_SPELL in-case you have not added it in
  2. More fixes

    After further testing, I have concluded that the commands should now work fine and if they do not then that is quite irritating.
    I have also updated metrics so however added my plugin on bStats.org could you please take it down and let me add it.
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  3. Minor Fixes

    There were a few problems here and there that needed solving sorry about that.
  4. Small BugFix with the giveall command

    Bugfix with the giveall command which would not work correctly.
  5. Slight Bug Fix

    Forgot to change config value for item spin radius.
  6. release4beta

    Made plugin support newer APIs of spigot (v1.14)

    Also made it so block base, speed, etc. is not global so it can be edited for every vault.

    Config addition:
    Code (Text):

    base: 'BEACON'
    # distance is how far away the base will appear
    distance: 2
    # How high the item label should be
    label-height: 1.2
    item-height: 1.5
        radius: 0.75
        speed: 1.5
    remove the blocks configuration section since that is going to be in every vault section
  7. 1.9+ Sound Fix

    New configuration section (Must be added):
    Code (Text):

      # 1.9+ sounds: https://pastebin.com/vY1y9TtJ
      # 1.8 sounds: https://pastebin.com/DKrMAMBK
      item-show: 'NOTE_PLING'
    You can just paste it at the start of the config if you want

    This fixes problems with 1.9+ servers where NOTE_PLING is not defined
  8. Crucial Bug Fixes and Feature Update

    This update has been longed for a couple of days and includes:
    - No longer need Factions to start it (That was a mistake)
    - You can now add more guaranteed items and add chances to them so only 1 is chosen
    Code (Text):

              # cannot be both, either item or command where %player% is the player name
              name: "none"
              amount: 64
              material: 'EMERALD_BLOCK'
              durability: 0...
  9. Factions and Region Support and Bugs

    Fixed bug where doing /endervaults reload would reset the config

    Code (Text):

        player-disallow: "&d&lEnderVaults &8// &7You are in %faction%&7 territory and vaults are only accessible in the warzone"
        warzone-only: false
        # you can somewhat use this to make it so players can only open vaults in the warzone and not the upper-spawn warzone by regions
        # these regions disallow vault opening...