EnderChest 1.0

Adds commands to open your own enderchests and other players enderchests with permissions

  1. RickyLafleur
    This plugin allows you to open your enderchest and other player's enderchests with a command it also has a permission node so if you don't want certain people to do one or the other you can do that and it cancels opening enderchests if you do not have the permission yes i know there are other plugins like this out there but i figured i would release it

    /echest | Opens your enderchest
    /echest [playername] | This will open another player's enderchest you would use it like this
    /echest Notch

    echest.use | Allows the use of the /echest command
    echest.others | Allows opening other players enderchests
    echest.open | Allows you to open enderchests

    Thanks for looking at my resource if you have any bugs/suggestions feel free to pm me or any plugins i could make and release i need ideas :p thanks
    also contact me on skype if you like here: live:h.-_e--._--_x

    Note: I will not accept calls under any circumstances so please do not ask :p