EnderChestTrading 1.1

Trade with other players using ender chests!

  1. repeater64
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    All Text is Configurable
    EnderChestTrading - Summary + Features

    EnderChestTrading is a plugin that allows players on a survival server to swap items with each other, using their ender chests. This will fit in well on any SMP or anarchy server, as it allows players to trade in a vanilla-like fashion.

    It comes with two modes - a Graphical User Interface system that uses an inventory to do the trade, which looks and feels more slick, and a chat-based, text-based system that feels slightly more vanilla. You can choose which mode you use.

    A screenshot of two players trading using the GUI system.

    A screenshot of the text-based system.

    The plugin is highly configurable - all text, sound effects and options can be changed to suit your needs.

    To see the plugin in action, watch my demonstration video:

    Installation and Setup

    1) Download the zip file and extract it
    3) Decide if you want to use the normal version or the simple-config version (less options, simpler)
    4) Put whichever version you choose in the plugins folder of your server
    5) Start/restart your server to generate the default config.yml
    6) Change any settings you want
    7) Restart or reload your server to see the setting changes take effect

    If you need any help setting the plugin up or configuring it, watch my help video:
    If you still need help, join my discord and send a message in the appropriate channel. https://discord.gg/QCAS5BP
    The same goes for bug reports, and feedback + suggestions.

Recent Updates

  1. Important Bug Fix!

Recent Reviews

  1. nitramychaz
    Version: 1.0
    A great plugin! I played with the chat-based version on a server and it was great! I really like the vanilla feel of it, unlike Hypixel's, which is a bit complex. Overall, its a great plugin!