EnderContainers [1.8 ⇒ 1.12] 2.1.0

A customizable plugin to divide enderchest into multiple inventories. Long live enderchests!

  1. We love integrations!

    A new update with a few integrations! :)

    What's changing?
    • Added full support for FactionsUUID/SavageFactions!
    • Improve stability and performance of Factions2+ detection
    • Added support for WorldGuard 6+!
    • Now enderchest's nametag is linked with dependencies
    Contact me or open an issue if you have a bug with the plugin!
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  2. A bugfix for enderchests' saving.

    A little release to fix a bug with enderchests' saving.

    What's changing?

    • Fix a major bug: when a player quits the server, all its data are stored in the memory and its chests do not saved correctly. This problem should no longer appear!
    • Adding an option to use a global sound or a player-specific sound when a player opens/closes an enderchest.
    Contact me or open an issue if you have another bug with the plugin!
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  3. HOTFIX - Bug when starting with a fresh configuration!

    Fix a bug when start with a fresh configuration!
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Now compatible with all items! [NOT WORKING]

    A little release to fix a bug when custom items are saved!

    What's changing?
    • New saving system (Now using integrated Bukkit saving system)
    • Now support all items! (and full item metadatas) (thanks to quique45234)
    • Fix MySQL connection
    • Fix some permissions
    I hope that the plugin will please you.
  5. Biggest update! Completely rewritten plugin!

    A brand new update for you after more than a year of inactivity!
    I'm really happy to be back with the biggest update of EnderContainers!

    What's changing?
    • Code completly reworked with Java 1.8+
    • Support from 1.8 to 1.12! (tested)
    • Fully commented code and configuration
    • New plugin design
    • New dependency manager!
    • Many optimizations!

    Don't forget to contact me if you have a problem with the plugin.

    Now I will start to update more...
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  6. HOTFIX MySQL saving

    Version 1.0.9c
    • Fix enderchest numbers
    • Fix bug with enderchests' rows when reloading permissions (thanks to LordB)
    • Close open enderchests on plugin's disabling
    • Prevent users from opening their enderchests before the total loading of the MySQL Module
    • Optimizations of the plugin
    • Fix default configuration of the plugin
    • Updating...
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  7. Improvements of the ItemSerializer ; Mysql storage bug fixes

    New version 1.0.9b!

    Improvements / Bug Fixes

    • Improvements of ItemSerializer
    • Fix saving system in a database
    • Mysql: support for item lores
    • Mysql: support for all characters
    • Store Map< uuid -> playername >
    • EnderchestsManager is now "case sensitive" for offline players
    • Now fully support multi-servers (BungeeCord)

    Have fun with my plugin and thank you for...
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  8. New enderchests/saving system ; Possibility to disable plugin per world

    Hello everyone, sorry for the wait!
    Today, I publish a new update of my plugin EnderContainers.

    New features

    • New enderchests/saving system to resolve all bugs (I hope) in relation to offline enderchests. If you have any bug or idea, you can contact me by PM I will answer you with pleasure :).
    • An new option appeared in...
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  9. HOTFIX Offline enderchests


    ► HOTFIX (1.0.8b)

    • Fix the opening of offline enderchests (thanks quique45234 for the report)
    • Asynchronous MySQL update (better performances)
  10. Support for "Citizens 2" / Support for unsafe enchantments

    Hello everyone,
    a little update today with new functionalities and integrations:

    VERSION 1.0.8

    - Support for the plugin "Citizens 2"
    - Support for unsafe enchantments (thanks to Kledioz)
    - Beginning of the future plugin API (package api)

    A little video to show you how the integration with the plugin "Citizens 2" works:

    If you have some other ideas, please PM me!
    Thanks for your support!