EnderCrystal 1.0

Respawn EnderCrystals

  1. Scorpion
    Since 1.8 and maybe 1,9 doesn't allow you to have ender crystals in your inventory to respawn them into the world and been using this for a while on my server thought i'd share this by now for people that might also hate to reset the end to have crystals.

    This system is also used in my Dragon Slaying which respawns the dragon after its been killed with configurable time so if u want 2 in 1 including a dragon slayer prefix check this link out: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dragon-slaying.9469/

    All this plugin does it place a ender crystal at your location nothing more nothing less.

    - endercrystal.create *Default OP*

    /endercrystal set


    Made by: Maximiliano(Spanish) Thanks!


    Not a must as always nothing is but this helps and motivates me to improve the plugin alot more :)