EnderFly 1.0

Fly in SMP using the power of the End

  1. McDjuady
    What is EnderFly?
    Ender Fly is a Plugin which allows you to fly in SMP by the power of the End!


    How to use EnderFly?
    First you need to craft an EnderFly as shown below


    Now you need to refill it


    Each ender pearl will give you 10 seconds of flight time.

    Note: If you add ender pearls to the crafting grid one by one the description of the EnderFly will not update but once you craft it you will still recive the maximum amount of flight time possible

    After your refill, equip the chestplate and activate it by middle clicking the chest. Now it should look something like this:


    To deactivate it, simply click the chest again or land. Once the time runs out the EnderFly will also deactivate

    Note: Sprinting is 3x as expensive as normal Flight