EndermanTeleport 1.0.4

Become a real enderman with infinite Ender Pearl teleportation powers

  1. 1.0.4 - Fix another bug

    So in previous versions hitting other entities like mobs/players with an empty hand would cause you to Enderpearl

    I learnt this in the middle of coding another cool plugin. So thought it would be best to update and fix this for you guys.

    Should not occur now
  2. 1.0.3 - More bug fixes

    So previously if you wanted to equip Armour you would randomly teleport.

    This has been fixed.

    If you drop items or right click anything your player has a 3 second ban for using the teleport effect.

    This is a hack to get around the stupid Spigot/MC events which cause "Left click air" events to be fired for the most random things like dropping items with Q... on the keyboard

    Or indeed right clicking with armour
  3. 1.0.2 - Add config option for disabling damage

    Simple update. this gives you the option to disable damage on teleport if you want to. it is disabled by default just because that is kinda OP but there if you want it.

    If you had the plugin installed before you should delete the config.yml to let it regenerate
  4. 10.0.1 - Fix bugs

    This update fixes a bunch of bugs. mostly the PlayerInteract event I use to detect left clicks is also fired for dropping items with Q on the keyboard... Because in Spigot the keyboard 100% equals the Left click button on the mouse.

    Also fixed some issues with boats/minecarts
    It no longer works in creative mode due to some unfixable bugs

    Good luck downloading SpigotMC is broken right now :| kinda annoyed after over an hour of hunting down bugs caused by Spigot I now have to deal with their...