EnderPass 1.0

Use an EnderPass to go to the END!

  1. MrMaurice211

    What this plugin do?:

    This plugin block the teletransportation to the End World, you only can go to the End World with the EnderPass!

    How do i get the EnderPass?:

    You need to craft it!

    How do i craft it?:

    There are a few recipes:

    • /ep reload - Permissions: ep.reload - Description: Reload the config!

    • ep.reload - Permission to reload the config!
    • setlocation command
    • Custom uses per material
    • If you have suggestion send me a PM, will reply ASAP!

    I think that's all, if you found a bug, comment in the discussion section please.

    If im wrong with something in the post, send me a message!