Enderpearl Cooldown 3.1

Simple enderpearl cooldown with a customizable message and timer

  1. 3.1

    - Fixed possible bypass when clicking a block
    - Added config option for blocks to ignore (e.g. ender chest)

    Code (YAML):
    # A list of blocks that will be ignored when Enderpearl Cooldown checks interaction
    # Default:
    # - "ENDER_CHEST"
    # - "CHEST"
    ignore interaction blocks
    - "CHEST"
  2. 3.0 - Recoded

    This update has major changes so you will need to delete your old Enderpearl Cooldown folder and reconfigure it

    Change Log:
    - Improved code to prevent config and timer issues
    - Added option "cooldown mode" to choose between permission based and normal cooldown
    - Fixed crafting tables, buttons, and ender chests glitching the cooldown
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  3. 2.9

    - Updated internal code to prevent issues with my other plugins
    - Fixed enderpearl disappearing glitch
    - Fixed mini-bug that prevent tiles from being opened if you right-clicked with an enderpearl during cooldown
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  4. 2.8

    - Fixed 1.14.4 not being supported properly
  5. 2.7

    Fixed InvalidPluginException on startup when missing MVdWPlaceholderAPI.
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  6. 2.6

    - Added new placeholder {time_left_decimal}
    This allows you to see more accurate timers
    e.g. 9.9 seconds instead of 10 seconds

    - Fixed action bar not working in 1.14
  7. 2.5

    Fixed config not generating properly on first startup
  8. 2.4

    - Fixed issue with blank config messages still sending a blank line
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  9. 2.3

    - Fixed issues with 1.13 and 1.13.2
    - Added fallback NMS to prevent errors
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  10. 2.2

    - Left and right-click bug fix
    - 2.1 is broken, don't use it