EnderRide Beta 2.3

You can ride a enderpearl

  1. Mauricius17

    1. Meaning of the plugin

    With this plugin you can ride enderpearls.
    Via ingame command you can switch on or off your "endermode". If your "endermode" is on and you have the right permissions you will ride your enderpearl.

    2. Requirements
    - 1.8.8 Minecraft Server
    - Permissions plugin like PermissionsEX

    3. Installation
    Steps to Installation:

    Download the plugin
    2. Put the plugin in your plugins folder
    3. Restart your server
    4. You finished.

    5. If you want to save the individual enderride status of the players, you can connect to your mysql database. You have to set up the mysql.yml
    If you set your "endermode" on and you join the server again your "endermode" will be automatically on! Same if you set your "endermode" off!

    mysql.yml :

    Code (Text):
    mysql: false //If you want to connect to MySQL -> "true"
    allowPassword: true //If you need a password it has to be "true"
    host: host //Add your host
    port: 3306 //This is a default port. This port should work
    database: Database //Add the name of your database
    username: Username //Add yoir username
    password: Password //If you set "allowPassword" true you have to add your password
    table_name: enderrideTable //Add the name of the table
    6. You can choose individual worlds where you can allow riding enderpearls

    config.yml :

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some settings
    online-mode: true //If your server online mode is false, you should set this false too!
    certain_worlds: false //It has to be "true" if you want to choose individual worlds.
    worlds: world,world_nether //Add your worlds! Separate them using a comma
    7. You can edit the default messages:


    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some messages
    prefix: '&8[&5EnderRide&8] '
    console: '&cYou can use that command only ingame!'
    nopermission: '&cYou do not have permissions!'
        header: '&8==========[&5EnderRide&8]=========='
        line01: '&7/enderride on &5- Set your endermode on'
        line02: '&7/enderride off &5- Set your endermode off'
        line03: '&7/enderride set &5- Set the respawnpoint'
        footer: '&8==============================='
          success: '&aYou switched your endermode on!'
          failed: '&cYour endermode is already on!'
          success: '&cYou switched your endermode off!'
          failed: '&cYour endermode is already off!'
        success: '&aYou set the EnderRide respawnpoint!'
        failed: '&cSomething went wrong! The respawnpoint could not be saved!'
      block: '&cIt looks as if you were in a block! You have been teleported to spawn!'
    If you have downloaded the version Beta 1.0, delete your messages.yml! The new one is without bugs.

    4. Respawnpoint
    If you are inside of a block and you can not get out of the block, you will be teleported to this location. Set this location with /enderride set

    5. Commands
    You can use this command:

    /enderride on|off -> Switch your "endermode" on or off.
    /enderride set -> Set the enderride respawnpoint

    6. Permissions
    enderride.help -> You can get the help message
    enderride.set -> You can set the respawnpoint
    enderride.switch -> You can switch your endermode
    enderride.use -> You can ride enderpearls

    This plugin is not in development anymore! There will be no new version. There is no support for any issue or situation that may occur.

    Have fun:D
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      Thank you:)
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    is no working for 1.8.3 spigot :(
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      Next time there will be an update. It will work for 1.8.7 and higher :)
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    Looks cool, can you add firework effect after it?
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    Cool! Kommt das LobbySystem auch?
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      Lobby System werde Ich wahrscheinlich nicht machen;D
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      Lobby System werde Ich wahrscheinlich nicht machen;D Eventuell ähnliches oder einzelne Inhalte