EnderShare 1.0.1

Allows players to share Ender Chests.

  1. i_jedi
    This plugin allows players to share Ender Chests. A share can only be made between 2 players and each player can only have 1 share. Both players in the share have to agree to disband the share before it will be disbanded. The EnderShare must be empty to avoid losing items. Player's that have an EnderShare can access it just like normal (by opening an Ender Chest.) The inventory can be edited by both player's at the same time.
    Here is an example of an EnderShare inventory:
    **If a player does not have an EnderShare with someone they will just use the normal Ender Chest system.**

    How to Install:
    Down the file and place it into your /plugins folder for your server.
    **There is no config.yml for this plugin.**

    • enderShare.*:
      • Give access to all of the EnderShare commands.
    • enderShare.eShare:
      • Give access to /eshare command.
    • enderShare.eShare.create:
      • Give access to /eshare create <player> command.
    • enderShare.eShare.accept:
      • Give access to /eshare accept <player> command.
    • enderShare.eShare.disband:
      • Give access to /eshare disband command.
    How to Use:
    • Commands:
      • /eshare
        • Displays a list of EnderShare commands.
        • Usage: /eshare
      • /eshare create
        • Sends a request to create an EnderShare to the specified player.
        • Usage: /eshare create <player>
      • /eshare accept
        • Accepts an EnderShare request from the specified player.
        • Usage: /eshare accept <player>
      • /eshare disband
        • Sends or accepts a request to disband the EnderShare.
        • Usage: /eshare disband

    This plugin has been in testing on my private SMP server without any issues. I would recommend backing up your server's playerdata before installing this plugin. When a share is created the two player's Ender Chest contents are combined into one large chest. This wipes each player's Ender Chest contents to prevent item duplication. If you have any issues or errors with this plugin please let me know.**