EnderWarp 1.0

Warp to beacons using the power of the end

  1. McDjuady
    What is EnderWarp?
    EnderWarp is a Plugin which allows you to teleport between two Locations using Ender Eyes and Beacons


    How to use EnderWarp?
    Simply take an Ender Eye and right click a beacon of your choice. You should now have a WarpEye in your inventory. To teleport to the Beacon right click while having the WarpEye in hand. The WarpEye will be consumend.

    You also can clone WarpEyes by putting them in the crafting grid together with an Eye of Ender. The WarpEye will not be consumed

    Code (Text):

    ConsumeOnThrow: true/false ##If set to false the WarpEye will not be consumed on throw
    BeaconLevel: 0-4 ##Sets the required level for a beacon to be considered a valid beacon to warp to

    • enderwarp.create: Allows players to create WarpEyes, defaults to true
    • enderwarp.warp: Allows players to use WarpEyes, defaults to true
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1! Config and more!