EndlessEnchantReloaded v1.12.2

A plugin specializing in commands that put high level enchants and special effects on items!

  1. Schmarotzi123
    Version: v1.12.2
    Hey, nice Plugin. Missing is for exmaple a message.yml and that you can enchant items with -1 or something
    1. Drkmaster83
      Author's Response
      Noted about the messages.yml - at the time the plugin was originally created, it was to improve aesthetically and mimic an outdated plugin that did the same. I could add one when I get time.

      Enchanting items with negative levels doesn't exist on purpose - there is no Minecraft implementation for it, primarily because... how would that be implemented? Both sharpness -30 vs -32767 would do no extra damage. I'm pretty sure an error occurs on the server if you enchant something with a negative level.
  2. zThana
    Version: v1.11.2.1
    Loving this plugin a lot. Using it on my own RPG server as well, works flawlessy, no bugs so far. Keep up the amazing work! ♥