EndlessEnchantReloaded v1.12.2

A plugin specializing in commands that put high level enchants and special effects on items!

  1. EndlessEnchant v1.12.2

    • Fixed a problem with configuration generation (Kits and KitsAliases sections would generate empty by default in my testing)
    • Added double failsafes for when a configuration section/key doesn't exist
    • Fixed problem with SWEEPING_EDGE being in the code as SWEEPING (caused null enchantment error)
    • Added null checks for Enchantments to determine if they're in the game, or just missing in code.
    • Fixed removal of all enchantments on Enchanted Books (it wouldn't affect the stored enchants, so...
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  2. EndlessEnchant v1.11.2.1

    • Quick fix for NullPointerException (line 109) on first run of plugin, ConfigurationSection "Aliases" was null. Added a null check. Thank you, Icatania!
    • Also moved location of save out of the for-loop, less IO operation.
  3. EndlessEnchant v1.11.2

    What's pumping in Version 1.11.2?! Glad you asked!
    • Compatible and supported for Craftbukkit 1.11.2!
    • Made the system more foolproof; can't fill up memory with nonexistent enchantments (same for kit compositions) through the files
    • Added failsafes in the files for Kits/KitAliases (won't halt startup if nonexistent entries)
    • Fixed Glow problem (would only work on repairable items, now works on all items, with a neat tag, "Glow I" for the enchantment (configurable!!!)
    • Fixed potential bug...
  4. EndlessEnchant v1.10.2.5

    • Customizable kits are now available! (Built kit infrastructure)
    • Fixed the display from "/ee kits" (no longer hardcoded, changes with kits in enchants.yml)
    • Fixed some bugs (missing invalid enchantment catch, fixed "an enchantment and a level is needed to disenchant an item")
    • Readded failsafes for negative levels and excessively high levels since rebuilding the codebase
    • Sat and smiled at the code for a while, its morale is now boosted 20%

    Upcoming (ToDo):
    • More accessible...