EndlessUtilities - New Command & Beta Update Released 1.4

A useful utility plugin to help you with advertising basic links via commands.

  1. 1 New Command & Beta Introduction

    NOTE: The following few updates are snapshots and are not guaranteed to work. If you wish to use a working and supported version of the plugin please use 1.3.1 and below!

    Added /steam
  2. Quick fix and News

    Hey Everyone!
    Just to say a quick notice that the plugin has had a small name redesign and update banner redesign.

    I am sorry for the second time for my inactivity, because of this I have decided to announce that updates to this plugin will now be twice a week instead of promising regular updates.

    I am currently working on a new plugin for my own server which will also be published here for everyone to...
  3. Reddit, Skype & Announcement

    Added /reddit
    Permission: endless.reddit
    Description: Shows the servers reddit link!

    Added /skype
    Permission: endless.skype
    Description: Shows the servers skype link!
    (Yes some people still use skype as a...
  4. Major Command Fix

    Hey Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to apologise to you for this plugin. Recently after adding the "Update Checker" I noticed the major command bug came back, and after checking over the plugin itself I realised it was because I re-added a old part of code I discarded to fix it.

    I feel like Im not managing the plugin,...
  5. Update Checker

    Added Update Checker
    Permission: "endless.update" (will allow you to see the onJoin update check)
    Added The ability to toggle the update checker via config
    Added The ability to toggle the message send when the plugin is up...
  6. Major Fixes, Revamp & New Commands

    Added /youtube
    Permission: endless.youtube
    Aliases: [yt]
    Description: Shows the servers facebook link!

    Added /teamspeak
    Permission: endless.teamspeak
    Aliases: [ts]

    Major Fix...
  7. New Commands & Cleanup

    Added /facebook
    Permission: endless.facebook
    Aliases: [fb]
    Description: Shows the servers facebook link!

    Added /instagram
    Permission: endless.instagram
    Aliases: [insta, ig]

  8. Small Changes

    Added %prefix% to the "disabled_command_message" section in the config
    Added [utils] as an alias to /endlessutilities...