EndPortal-Unbreaking 1.0

Gives You Unbreaking III Enchantment When You Right Click on The Endportal

  1. ImPlays
    • EndPortal-Unbreaking
    • How To Use The Plugin :
    • You Must Turn Your Server Off
    • When You Turn It off Copy The (ImPlays.Unbreaker.jar) To Your Plugins Folder
    • Then Start The Server
    • How Use Plugin ~:
    • Right Click The End Portal To Give Your Item Unbreaking 3 III :D
    • 2015-04-11_16.46.19_2.png
    • Updated 2.0
    • Commands:
    • None!.
    • Items That You Can Put On It The Enchantment :
    • Diamond Sword
    • Diamond Axe
    • Diamond Boots
    • Diamond Lenlings {Sorry For Bad Spelling ! }
    • Diamond Chestplate
    • Diamond Helmet
    This Plugin Is Fully Made By Me !

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.0
    useless cause only works with diamond stuff and how in the world do you get a end portal in survival the only way i know on how to get a end portal is get it in creative mode so pretty much useless
  2. JosephGP
    1. ImPlays
      Author's Response
      Mine Is Diffrent And You Can Check The Codes Even !
  3. Markoz
    Version: 1.7.X
    you steal ''RedstonePvP" Anvil Part :p .. Stealer!
    1. ImPlays
      Author's Response
      Didn't Steal Any Plugin I Made It 100% By Me !