Energy Report System 1.2

A simple, free /report plugin

  1. ThePocketMob
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Energized Report System

    Energized Report System (ERS) is a simple, completely free /report plugin developed by EnergizedAB (or ThePocketMob if you want to call me that.)

    /report <player> -- Report a player.

    EnergizedReports.reportplayers -- Allows a player to use /report
    EnergizedReports.seereports -- Makes a player get a message when someone is reported. You should give this permission to your
    EnergizedReports.bypassreport -- Any players with this permission cannot be reported.

    How to install:

    Step 1. Download the plugin.
    Step 2. Go to your servers directory.
    Step 3. Put the EnergizedReportSystem.jar in the plugins folder.
    Step 4. Restart your server.
    Step 5. Do /report <player> and it should work.

    Servers That Use This Plugin:
    - // 1.16.1

    1. If you want me to make this plugin for a different version, just say down in the comments. I'm happy to rewrite this plugin so that it works in different versions.
    2. If you get a message saying "An internal error occured when trying to perform this command", you either did not specify a player when doing /report, or tried to specify a player that is offline/doesnt exist.
    3. Suggest ideas in the comments.

    Enjoy this plugin!
    (Note this is my first plugin, so it may have bugs.)

Recent Reviews

  1. LacoDev
    Version: 1.2
    In my opinion to simple... There are many Reportplugins out there which are unique and have way more features. I would think it would be great if you implement some features to make this resource unique
    1. ThePocketMob
      Author's Response
      Okay, what kind of features would you want?
  2. nedrox
    Version: 1.1
    Works, however, the "Internal error occured" problem can be easily rectified.
    in the command class, add a check.
    (To rectify if the player is offline):
    if (strings[0] == null)
    player.sendMessage("Player isnt online!")
    return false;

    To rectify if theres a player written:
    if (strings.length == 0)
    player.sendMessage("Write a player name!")
    return false;
    1. ThePocketMob
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I'll definitely make sure to implement that in!