Enhance 1.8 2.5 test 2

Enhance is a minecraft gamemode that is a mix of KitPvp, Survival, and Roleplay.

  1. Botifier
    Enhance is a plugin created to add features to vanilla minecraft.​
    Gold & Shop system
    Explosion protection -soon to be optional

    Included Kits

    Agile - has the ability DoubleJump
    Bazooka - has the abilities Bulk, and RocketLauncher
    Leech - has the ability Drain
    Mechanic - has the Ability Engineer
    Medic - has the abilities Heal and HealGun
    Pyro - has the ability Ignite
    Viper - has the ability Poison
    Supplier (Currently unused)

    Included Abilities

    Bulk - For every player you kill you get five extra health points maxed at 30 starts at 15
    DoubleJump - allows user to double jump
    Drain - chance of healing the player one heart every hit
    Engineer - can create sentries(guardians) every fifteen seconds max three at a time, and they will not attack you
    Heal - You can heal people by punching them with a bandage. bandages are obtained by killing stuff
    HealGun - allows you to heal players within a five block radius by right clicking them
    Ignite - every attack has chance of burning the target and all bows will shoot flaming arrows
    Poison - every attack has chance of poisoning the target
    RocketLauncher - allows you to shoot exploding snowballs
    Supply (Currently unused) - can call supply drops





    Ability Template
    Code (Text):
    public class Template extends Ability {
          public Template () {
           public void somename(SomeBukkitEvent event)  {
               //do stuff

    Kit Template
    Code (Text):
    public class TemplateKit extends Kit {

        public TemplateKit() {
            super(Material.Whatever, "TemplateKit");

        public Kit init() {
            Template t = new Template();
                    l.addItem(new ItemStack(Material.Whatever));
            return t;

    Code (Text):
    public void onEnable() {
            Enhance.registerAbility(new Template());
            Enhance.registerKit(new TemplateKit());

    Default Config
    Code (Text):
    Shop: true #Boolean value; Allow the shop command to be used
    Gold: true #Boolean value; Allow the gold command to be used and gold drops
    RespawnInvul: 5 #Set to zero if you don't want respawn invulnerability
    DoubleJump: 5 #Cooldown time for the doublejump ability
    RocketLauncher: 10 #Cooldown time for the RocketLauncher ability
    Engineer: 15 #Cooldown time for the Engineer ability
    #You can add cooldown timers to included abilities with this template "Abilityname: seconds" no quotes
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Recent Reviews

  1. abudy
    Version: 2.5 test 2
    Is it work on 1.7.2 ??
    1. Botifier
      Author's Response
      It should
  2. EliteDuck
    Version: 2.2
    Great plugin, lacking a little bit, but every plugin has to start somewhere.
  3. Redraskal
    Version: 2.2
    Amazing job! I think this is a great plugin to use! - Red