Enhanced AntiSpam 0.5

Stop Spamming. Forever.

  1. 0.5

    Well hello, been a while since this plugin received an update, there is a huge update coming in now, if you encounter any issues please let me know. Completely recoded and changes can be found here https://github.com/Pace1337/AntiSpam/commit/832adff28fd914c8434d81285712b665b7657818.

    (+) Added AntiCommandSpam.
    (+) Completely remade configuration.
    (+) Added Update Checker option in configuration.
    (+) Help command (antispam)
    (+) Reload config command.
    (+) Metrics (track how many...
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  2. Fix 1.14

    Fixed plugin not working in 1.14
  3. 0.3

    Added proper configuration, enjoy!

    Busy with school in the next couple days so there won't be any updates for a few days
  4. 0.2

    Fixed checking cooldown even if you haven't talked. This was caused because in the code I missed a "return;".

    Please download the plugin again to have this issue fixed before reporting it to me.

    More updates are yet to come, thanks for downloading.