EnhancedBungeeList 1.0.3

A high-configurable plugin that enhances the /glist command.

  1. Minor update to add some things like translatable strings, and caps for server names (configurable).

    Changes included in this version:
    • Some Strings were putted in the Config.yml file, so you can translate these Strings.
    • Added two configurations, in which you can switch between show server names in uppercase or show the normal name.

    "global-list" means the list displayed using the /glist command (without parameters).
    "server-list" means the server list...
  2. Update - Version 1.0.2 - Blacklist to hide servers from the server list & the -a flag.

    Version 1.0.2 - Features & Improvements:

    1. A blacklist has been added to the Config.yml to hide servers that are in that list from the server list (I mean, from the /glist command).
    2. New flag added: -a , similar to -g but the -a flag is destined to show all server that have players in a global view (the -g flag does a similar action, but the -g flag displays all servers,...
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  3. Some improvements

    Some features added as suggestion of @adamawesome135 :

    #1: % displayed at /glist now is formatted with a decimal value, showing a more accurate percentage.

    #2: Added two new options: -g and -sp

    = Display global data.
    -sp = Show players.

    For example, if you uses: /glist -g all of your servers will be displayed:
    upload_2018-2-14_11-18-38.png ...