Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin v3.6.0

The #1 CMS & Donation Plugin. Enjin & DonationCraft is used by over 150,000 servers!

  1. Enjin
    Evan Lindsay
    The Enjin plugin versions 3.5.x is 1.13+ only and you should download the last 3.4.x build for 1.8-1.12 Minecraft.
    Enjin Server Site Plugin & Donation Store
    Enjin’s Plugin & CMS platform lets you create a server community website & donation store that seamlessly syncs with your server. Used by over 150,000 Minecraft servers and voted #1 by PCGAMER.

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    DonationCraft. The #1 Donation Plugin - 100% Free!
    Sell items, ranks or anything else on your Minecraft server! Developed by Enjin with direct feedback from thousands of top server owners. Features everything you need to fund and monetize your server. It's 100% Free with no limits!

    Donation Store & Plugin Features
    • Nested Categories with Display modes
    • Online Cart System
    • Credit and Point system support (sell/buy/transfer)
    • Advanced Coupons & Sales
    • Statistics & Detailed Logs
    • Seamless Site Integration
    • Custom Email Notifications
    • Fast & Intelligent Server Commands
    • Supports Multiple Stores
    • Dynamic Theme System
    • Custom Variables & Expiries
    • Advanced In-Game Store
    • Huge selection of Payment Processors
    • Easy Checkout Mode
    • Auto Expiring Packages
    • Cumulative Packages
    • Anti-Charge back System
    • Recurring Subscriptions
    • Item Designer
    • Fine tuned Access Settings
    • Store Ban Manager
    • Payments & Command Management
    • Supports Shipping Charges
    • Language & Currency Support
    • And so much more!
    Server Rank Syncs & Minecraft Modules
    [​IMG]Sync and mimic access between your website and in-game ranks, both ways! Setup a Vote for Diamond module or dozens of other Minecraft modules. Everything your need is available and powered by the Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin.

    Plugin powers the following modules
    • Enjin CMS
    • DonationCraft Store
    • Stretch-Goal Donation System
    • Server Player List Stats
    • User Tags & Awards
    • User website permissions
    • Website point system
    • Vote for Diamonds
    • Server Status
    • Online players (Grid)
    • Top server players
    • Server ping (graph)
    • Server TPS (graph)
    • Online players (graph)
    • Featured store item
    • Member Modules
    • Command Log System
    • User Server Stats on Profiles
    • Top Donator
    • Donation Goal
    • Latest Purchases
    • Purchase Graph
    Ticket Support System with In-Game Support
    Enjin features a fully fledged Ticket Support Module with full in-game integration. Get your users to submit support tickets and manage it all seamlessly on the web or in-game! Features include:
    • Website & In-game support!
    • Ticket Categories & Conditional Categories
    • Public and private (Internal) comments
    • Advanced Form Builder & Front end support form
    • Real time updates
    • Custom Signatures & Macros
    • Email and Pm Notifications
    • Ticket, Agent & Customer Statistics
    Stretch-Goal Donation System

    Our plugin also supports an alternative to DonationCraft. A stretch-goal based donation system. 100% EULA compliant with full in-game support command & access support.

    Seamless All-In-One experience for your Players

    DonationCraft fully integrates into your website, domain, ranks, users and website theme. Create a professional store that features optimal usability and is designed to increase your donations.

    Plugin 3.0.4 Help Documentation

    Requirements and Additional Information
    • Java 7 is the minimum supported version of Java for Enjin Plugin 3.0.4 and future versions.
    • Bukkit 1.7.10 is the minimum supported version of Bukkit for Enjin Plugin 3.0.4 and future versions.
    • Vault and a permission plugin is required.
    • Supported permission plugins: BPermissions, GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx, and ZPermissions.
    • Supported voting plugins: Votifier and NuVotifier. (Other plugins may work if they do not deviate from Votifier standards)
    • In-game points purchases do not support variables in Enjin plugin 3.0.4 and will display a store link to purchase items with variables.
    Help Commands
    Displays a list of commands usable by the player.

    /enjin heads
    Displays help for setting up different types of head/sign stats.
    Permission: enjin.sign.set

    Setup and Debug Commands
    /enjin key <key>
    Sets the enjin key.
    Permission: enjin.setkey

    /enjin debug
    Toggles debug mode on/off.
    Permission: enjin.debug

    /enjin report
    Generates a report that includes a list of plugins and their versions, world names, group names, java version, operating system, bukkit version, last severe message and 40 additional lines, web connectivity tests, and timings report (if enabled).
    Permission: enjin.report

    /enjin vote <player> <list>
    Adds a test vote for the specified player on the specified list.
    Permission: enjin.test.vote

    Feature Commands
    /enjin give
    Permission: enjin.give

    /enjin push
    Queues all players for synchronization. This may take a while depending on the number of unique players that have joined the server. At most 3000 players are synchronized per minute.
    Permission: enjin.push

    /enjin inform <player> <message>
    Sends a message to the specified player.
    Permission: enjin.inform

    /enjin broadcast <message>
    Sends a message to all players on the server.
    Permission: enjin.broadcast

    /enjin lag
    Displays the current TPS, average TPS, and current RAM used and the total RAM available.
    Permission: enjin.lag

    /enjin tags <player>
    Displays the tags a player has.
    Permission: enjin.tags

    /enjin updateheads
    Forces an update of all head/sign stats.
    Permission: enjin.updateheads

    DonationCraft Commands
    /buy [#]
    Opens up the shop interface or goes back to the root interface.

    /buy shop [#]
    Opens up the specified shop or goes back to the shop list.

    /buy page [#]
    Opens up the specified page.

    /buy item [#]
    Starts the purchase process for the specified item in a recently selected category, or for a recently selected item if not index is specified.

    /buy confirm
    Confirms a purchase and completes the purchase if possible.

    Point Commands
    /enjin points [name]

    Displays a player’s points or the sender’s points if no player is specified.
    Permission: enjin.points.getself & enjin.points.getothers

    /enjin addpoints [name] <amount>
    Adds points to a player’s current points or the sender’s current points if no player is specified.
    Permission: enjin.points.add

    /enjin removepoints [name] <amount>
    Removes points from a player’s current points or the sender’s current points if no player is specified.
    Permission: enjin.points.remove

    /enjin setpoints [name] <amount>
    Sets a player’s points or the sender’s points to the specified amount if no player is specified.
    Permission: enjin.points.set

    Ticket Support Commands
    /enjin support

    Displays a list of support modules enabled for the server or creates a ticket submission session if only one module is configured for the server.
    Permission: enjin.support

    /enjin ticket
    Displays a list of tickets the player has created or been assigned to.
    Permission: enjin.ticket

    /enjin openticket
    Displays a list of open tickets the player has created or been assigned to.
    Permission: enjin.ticket.open

    /enjin reply <module id> <ticket id> <message>
    Sends a reply to the specified ticket with the specified message.
    Permission: enjin.ticket.reply

    /enjin ticketstatus <module id> <ticket id> <open|pending|closed>
    Sets the status of the specified ticket to the specified option. Options are limited to open, pending, and closed.
    Permission: enjin.ticket.status

    In-game Heads & Signs
    Display stats from your website and shop directly on a sign in the game, and show a player head above it. These will update automatically with your website's latest purchases, top players, voters, and more.
    To start, place a head, then place a sign either above or below it. To create a sign of a specific type, type one of the codes below on the first line. You can use a # from 1-10 in the code. For example: [donation2] will show the 2nd most recent donation.

    If there are sub-types such as day/week/month, put those on the second text line of the sign.

    To update the stats right away, type /enjin updateheads

    Most recent donation.
    Subtypes: Place the item id on the second line to only get donations for that package.

    Top voter of the month.
    Subtypes: day, week, month. Changes it to the top voter of the day/week/month.

    Most recent voter.

    Top player (gets data from module on website).

    Top poster on the forum.

    Top forum likes.

    Latest player to sign up on the website.

    Players with the most points.

    Players who have spent the most points on the server.
    Subtypes: day, week, month, total. Displays points spent per period of time.

    [moneyspent#] - Players who have donated the most money on the server.
    Subtypes: day, week, month, total. Displays donations per period of time.

    Notes on heads and signs

    • There can be duplicate stat signs anywhere in the world, so feel free to show this data wherever you want to on your server!
    • You can place a head two blocks directly above the sign so you can hide the sign under a wall if wanted
    • To remove a stats head/sign, just break them and they will automatically be de-registered

Recent Updates

  1. Command Rework
  2. v3.5.14
  3. v3.5.13

Recent Reviews

  1. PurrfectMistake_
    Version: v3.6.0
    Point system no longer works.. Why did I spend so much money on a yearly ultimate plan if your advertised features dont even work!!

    Do you know what thats called? False advertising. I love enjin but the company has let its service go incredibly downhill.

    I was depending on the point system working as I've spent a long time utilizing enjin points in my plugins (hard-coded in) as a reward but I've only just found out that you cant even use the point system anymore despite it still being advertised as a feature.

    I am livid. FIX YOUR PLUGIN.
  2. KayrokMagick
    Version: v3.6.0
    La mejor opción para tener tu tienda en linea pero los comandos para agregar puntos ya ni existen y eso ha arruinado mis planes próximos para mi servidor :c

    The best option to run your online shop but the "Point Commands" even doesn't exist and that arruins my actual plans for my server U_U
  3. lukenrip
    Version: v3.6.0
    Use the 3.5.7 version provided by Enjin on their website.


    There are errors on 1.8.8 spigot
  4. Legendarybob13
    Version: v3.6.0
    I use enjin on my server and I think it has the best free plan by far. If you are looking to spend money on your server though I would look elsewhere.
  5. Dracathio
    Version: v3.6.0
    1. Why does this plugin not get updated regularly?
    2. Why do paying customers of Enjin not get an updated plugin?
    3. We pay monthly, thus a monthly update to this plugin should be happening should it not?
    4. Why doesn't a monthly update happen for this plugin?
    5. No really why doesn't this plugin get a monthly update?
    6. No really, I'm asking a real question, why the heck do paying customers not get a proper plugin that stays up to date with the Minecraft Versions? It's 1.16.4 now, and August is what month? the 8th month and we're now on the 11th month of the year, and no update yet?
  6. JHarris12345
    Version: v3.5.13
    Debug errors spam console despite debug being off. Enjin support is the worst out there and they have ongoing issues that are simple fixes for over 6 months. They don't fix or maintain their services and so their platform is a dying cause. Switched from my enjin website because of how behind they fell compared to others and their terrible support made my switch easy. It's not long before Enjin go bust
  7. Pranklez
    Version: v3.5.11
    I have mixed feelings about this plugin. Although it works just fine I feel that it's too limited and if you were to take a look at the competition like craftingstore or maybe even buycraft. The free features are too limitted compared to both of these other examples. The only point in time when I would recommend this, is when you also plan on hosting a website via enjin.

    Imho enjin is quite slow in their support and quite reluctant to accepting or adding new suggestions from it's community. I transitioned to a dedicated webserver as that is quite simple to set up with the tools out there and imho in the end better looking and functioning than what enjin has to offer.
  8. rangewonk
    Version: v3.5.7
    The plugin works well to display if your server is online and the players that are currently online, however displays a really annoying error message in the console if you are using paperspigot. I reported to the Dev and they were not interested in fixing.
  9. iSkepticalHD
    Version: v3.5.4
    Great plugin. Works below 1.14 but doesn't seem to work past 1.13.2

    Just lack of info for compatibility and when to expect support for 1.14
  10. Vestle
    Version: v3.5.2
    Glad the latest fixes came out for 1.13.2 servers! Thanks for your hard work enjin!