EntityDetection (Tile Entity Support!) 1.2.0

Find groups of (tile) entities: Hoppers, Mobfarms, XP-Farms, Chicken-Breeder! WorldGuard support!

  1. EntityDetection 1.2.0 - WorldGuard region search

    • Adds the ability to list WorldGuard regions by using /detect search --regions. Thanks to GitHub user JOO200 for implementing this!
    • Fix a potential memory leak
  2. Entity Detection 1.1.3 - Fix Material issues in 1.13/1.14

    • Previously the plugin did not natively use the 1.13 Material API which led to some issues when searching for certain types. (e.g. mob spawners) This update fixes that.
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  3. Entity Detection 1.1.2 - 1.14 support

    • This is a small update to make it work with 1.14. It removed the previously unused "Weather" and so did I from the code. (New entity types should also be supported, if you notice any entity in the wrong category let me know!)
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  4. Entity Detection 1.1.1 - Fix search issue

    • This fixes an internal issue with searching by class names which stopped them from properly get all entities that inherit from that class. This issue effected for example the default (monster) search.
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  5. More Than Entity Detection 1.1 - Search for Tile Entities

    • This update adds support to search for tile entities! Just run /detect search tile or search for a specific one like /detect search hopper!
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