EntityFactory LITE 1.5

Entity Transportation and Farm Mechanism

  1. Panischer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    A Plugin that lets you make Entity Production simple.

    Now this plugin is compiled in Java 8. It should work with every Java Version above!

    1. entity transportation (magenta glazed terracotta)
    2. entity elevation (magenta glazed terracotta)
    3. automatic entity igniter (magmablock)
    4. automatic entity killer (stonecutter)
    5. automatic entity spawner (dispenser)
    6. automatic item collector (hopper)
    7. automatic entity slower (obsidian)

    The other day I was looking for a plugin that could be used to transport items like on a conveyor belt, but I couldn't find anything. On Youtube I only saw things like this with command blocks, but these are not suitable for server operation and are quite inefficient. So I programmed this plugin.
    I also made a function that can also be used to transport mobs.
    And that's how the plugin came about.

    This plugin uses "MAGENTA_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA" as a transport line.

    1. The entities are transported in the direction of the arrow on the block. This is possible for all entities, including items! You can see an explanation of this functionality in the following video.

    2. The plugin also can work as an entity elevator. To use this functionality you can do it like in the video. (Maximum height: 4 blocks)

    3. Place a block of magma two blocks above a mob to set it on fire.

    4. You can also use the plugin to auto-kill entities. Just place a stonecutter 2 blocks above the entities' position.
      ATTENTION! This will kill all entities underneath the stonecutter except items.

    5. That was not everything! You also can use dispensers for mobspawning by placing a spawnegg of the wanted mobtype in the dispenser. After that, you can easily power the dispenser and it will refill, so you can summon infinite mobs!

    6. The plugin also works as an automatic itemcollector. Place a hopper 2 blocks above the item and place a chest 3 blocks underneath it. Then the item will be removed and spawned into the chest.

    7. By placing an obsidian block 2 blocks above the entities' position, you can let apply the slowness-effect with maximal amplifier of 255 to it, so it can't run away anymore.

    If you want to have new functions added to the plugin, just write an Email to my support address "[email protected]". I'll respond when I have time.

    If you have a problem, please contact me first at my address "[email protected]". So please don't write negative comments if you haven't contacted me before. Thank you!

    If you like the plugin, feel free to give a rating to it over the review-section!

Recent Reviews

  1. Hearo
    Version: 1.5
    The plugin is very nice. I used it on my own server recently and it was very cool. I also coud not find any bugs.
    1. Panischer
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your positive review of the plugin!
  2. DeartHark
    Version: 1.4
    This is a very sick plugin and is a very unique plugin that I haven't seen on SpigotMC yet.
    1. Panischer
      Author's Response
      Tysm! I will add new features if you want to, I‘m happy that my work is being appreciated!