EntityManager v6.0.0

Powerful and simple mob, potion, world, etc management

  1. milkywayz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    NOTE: For versions prior to 1.13, download here.


    • /em reload - Reloads plugin (v5.0 and up)
    • /em dump - Generates plugin memory dump (v5.6 and up)
    • Drag and drop the .jar into the plugins directory and restart the server.
    • Powerful: EntityManager supports a wide range of entity management functionality
    • Multi-World: A config file is generated for every world on your server!
    • Permissions: Config settings can be overridden by players with permission!
    • Logging: Console, player, and admins alerts keep your staff aware!
    Mob Management
    • Prevent any or all mobs from spawning, or prevent a spawn reason entirely
    • Supports "meta", you can block baby zombies and or villager zombies, along with other baby animals too
    • Example: 'cow:baby', 'zombie:baby', 'zombie:villager', 'zombie:baby:villager'
    Weather and Time Management
    • Set the time for any world to a specific time and it will always stay that time there
    • Settings for permanently disabling thunder and or rain.
    Potion Management
    • Prevent any potion from being thrown and/or dispensed
    • (NEW) Support Minecraft 1.9+
      • Works with Potions, Splash Potions, and Lingering Potions
      • Use wildcards to block any class of potions easily!
    • (NEW) Use PotionManager to modify potion intensity (which determines potion duration)
    Dispenser Management
    • Easily block any item from being dispensed
    • Supports blocking specific potions
    Enchantment Management
    • Ability to block certain players from enchanting items
    • Supports anvils as well as enchantment tables
    Experience Management
    • Disable experience orbs and/or items from mobs generated from spawners.
    • Enforce XP retention when players die.
    Spawn Egg Management
    • Easily limit who can use (a list of all) spawn eggs
    • Option to disable all, then you can manually allow group access via permissions :)
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