EntityUtils 1.1

A simple plugin, that opens so many new features

  1. Vilsol
    This plugin was initially made for the TenJava 2013 contest on the theme "Entities".


    [​IMG] GitHub: https://github.com/Vilsol/EntityUtils/

    This plugin adds many utilities for entities. Currently it is just entity movement, but there are many things more to come!

    Currently there is only one command /cleanup which removes all entities from all worlds except for players.


    • Conveyer Belts: Any powered repeater will push items along the path. If there is a snow block below the repeater, then the entities will move 3x faster.
    • Piston Flingers: Any entity that is in front of an extending piston will get flinged.
    • Chest Eaters: Any items that land on top of a chest will get sucked in.
    • Ladder Transport: Any entity that is on a ladder will get pushed up. If that is the last ladder on the line, it will teleport the entity on top of the block that the ladder is attached to.
    • Stair Cannons: If there is a powered repeater followed by wooden stairs, it will shoot the entity like from a cannon.
    • Teleporters: If there is a repeater followed by an Iron(5), Redstone(10), Gold(15), Lapis(20), Diamond(25) or Emerald(30) will get teleported the amount of blocks in brackets.
    • Redstone Power: If there is an item that is eaten by a chest, transported by a repeater or pushed by ladder, will power any redstone wires around it.


    Repeaters on Snow VS Normal


    Pistons and Ladders

    Chest Eaters

    Cannons and Redstone

    Default Config File
    Code (Text):

        # If enabled then any entity will be pushed along the repeater path.
        Enabled: true
        # If enabled then entities on top of a fast block will move faster
        FastEnabled: true
        # Normal multiplier
        Normal: 1.0
        # Fast block multiplier
        Fast: 3.0
        # Fast blcok id. By default 80 (Snow)
        FastBlock: 80

        # If enabled then pistons will fling any entities it pushes.
        Enabled: true
        # The force multiplier
        Force: 1.0

        # If enabled then any entity on top of a repeater with a block in fron if it will be teleported
        Enabled: true
        # The amount of blocks the entity will be teleported
        Iron: 5
        Redstone: 10
        Gold: 15
        Lapis: 20
        Diamond: 25
        Emerald: 30

        # If enabled then any entity on top of a repeater with stairs in front of it will be shot like a cannon ball
        Enabled: true
        # The force multiplier
        Force: 1.0

        # If enabled then any item above a chest will get sucked in
        ChestEater: true

        # If enabled then activates redstone around the block that has an entity traveling through
        Redstone: true

        # If enabled then any entity will be pushed up the ladders.
        Ladder: true
        # The minimum amount of TPS when the plugin should run
        MinimumTPS: 10.0
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  1. chasedig1
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing plugin! I love the conveyors! Please update!! This could turn into something big!